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Latvia’s capital Riga Info

Latvia’s capital Riga Info



City of Riga, the capital of the country, Latvia in the Baltic countries is one of the most beautiful and peaceful city. Daugava River opened the Baltic Sea through the city, it is home to the river. Daugava River, Riga is provided through and in a central location, established on the River bridges to the city a whole new air. Located in the largest city of the Baltic countries Riga, but also in education, culture, economy, industry and shipping is an advanced in many areas, such as city.

Latvia's capital Riga Info  The age of the city of Riga is first established the “Vecriga” historic city center, have been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. In addition, the aforementioned in Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) structures, architectural sense only Vienna, St Petersburg and Barcelona may be compared to the cities of kusursuzluktadır.

Latvia's capital Riga Info

Riga’s historic first appearance, 12. dates back to the 18th century. 1201 year, is regarded as the official year of Foundation of Riga. 12. towards the end of the century, especially a German merchant ships and other vessels in an area frequented by trade port city frequented by this type of commercial restraints in Riga, the population and economy after growth has gained momentum.

Under the rule of different countries some periods entering the city, losing its natural texture over time. 1558 and 1583 in Poland from domination by the year 1621 Riga, also came under the management of Sweden. What happened between 1700 and 1721 is Northern wars, Russia by Sweden is from the hands.

Latvia's capital Riga Info  Some special structures across Riga, is particularly appreciated by tourists. These structures are known with the name of the Old Town in the Centre of the old town. “Melngalvju nams” (Karunakar House), is one of them. In addition, television tower, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Riga Castle and “Dannen Andrea nams” (Dannestern Mansion) to visit other places.

Riga City is generally housed many Park. Given the importance of cultural activities in the city, often outdoor cinema festivals, concerts, shows, theatres, excursions, such as competitions. Generally mild climate type in Riga, winter seen quite cold. Sometimes up to-40 degrees it would be cooler weather conditions which can, for those who are not accustomed to freezing cold Constitution means that covers it.

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