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Lighthouse Of Alexandria Info

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Info



The lighthouse of Alexandria, built on the Earth, and the greatest angler is a structure capable of being. This is due to that, one of the seven wonders of the World ‘.

Is the perfect partner when when deriye Fe deriye Port in Egypt, İs located directly opposite of the Pharos Island was constructed on the site. Already the lighthouse of Alexandria, some sources state that the name referred to with the island. 246 with 285 b.c. built between the years of work, in particular has been a very important structure for sailors. The main reason for being very important in terms of the Marines, and is the world’s largest lantern, as well as within the mirrors with light is the ability to transmit up to 70 kilometers. Lighthouse of Alexandria is another feature of the seven wonders of the world is also made from the works shown in the Antiquity, is the only kullanılabilmiş works in daily life.

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Info  Lighthouse Of Alexandria’s Preparation And Properties

After the death of Alexander the great, Egypt change hands of the territory, the people of the region have increased trade with the Greeks, she’s still pretty. Therefore, a big Lighthouse has been the need of the people of the region. In Ptolemy’s time the construction of the lighthouse was completed during the reign of his son Ptolemy, but un sovereignty.

Lighthouse of Alexandria’s three-part design on, Sostratus of Cnidus. Almost the entire white-marble works, along with the top limb 135 m high. Lighthouse of Alexandria’s top section, there is a mirror made of bronze. This mirror, dark night 70 kilometers distance can be seen easily, while in the middle of the day is 35 kilometers from being recognised. With this feature, it’s time for the day or night from the port entry to any ship or boat, guide the nature of being. Lighthouse of Alexandria can be noticed and the light of the responsibility property of scientists researched today is an exception.

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Info  Located just below the rectangle structure and geometrically, 55 meters high. The Lighthouse is located in the central part of the section, as a ramp that extends up the Hill and was built in the shape of a cylinder. The height of this chapter, is 27 meters. The middle section is just above mentioned, including parts of the flame. In this section to create the flame burned firewood, are transported with a mechanism where relevant. Is the God of the sea Poseidon flour on top of the lighthouse sculpture. At the top of the lighthouse of Alexandria, after a major incident in the year 955 BC due to the earthquake. in 1302, was damaged during a storm before the body part was lost.

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Info

1480 co-wrote Mamluk Sultan Records, Mr., a castle where the lighthouse area. This castle is the ruins of the lighthouse of Alexandria are the materials used. But of this structure remains in the year 1500. The lighthouse remains standing is the pictures made during periods, future generations has been used to guide the construction of the lighthouse. I mean, the lighthouse of Alexandria, centuries after it managed to impress even flashlights.


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