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Lithuania Info

Lithuania Info



Lithuania, the Republic of Lithuania with the known form of the official name, is a country in Northern Europe. This is one of the three Baltic States in the region from Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia in the North, Southeast Poland to Kaliningrad in the West to the Russia’s sovereignty. In addition to this information, on the other side of the Baltic Sea located in Sweden and overseas is in the way.

Lithuania’s population consists of about 3,500,000 people. The population is approximately 84% of the part is ethnically Lithuanian. In addition to this information, the country’s official language is Lithuanian. Close to 7% of the population of Lithuania in a fraction of a fraction of close to 5% poles, Russians, and 1% is part of the Belorussians. Lithuania’s largest city, is also the capital of Vilnius.

Lithuania Info Looking at the history of the country, 14. century time, Lithuania has the largest country in Europe, limits State was one of the post-antique. At the time, mentioned Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Russia, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a part of the territory was under the hegemony. 1569 in Lublin Union, Poland and Lithuania as a new State, the Polish – revealed the State of Lithuania. However, only two centuries which still survives this unity, 1772 and 1795 between the cracks. Lithuania Russia breakaway territory parts, under the authority of the Empire.

Affect to a great extent the European political map after World War I, began the independence movements in this country. posted on February 16, 1918 Declaration of national sovereignty, and new developments. Since 1940 Lithuania, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany began to experience the effects of management.

Lithuania Info European States are dropped during World War II. After World War II, Nazi Germany, the Soviet rule again from the hegemony of Lithuania came under to get rid of başaran. on March 11, 1990, a national declaration by country, separated from the Soviet Union, announced to the public all over the world. On the same date, Lithuania declared independence, too. Today, in light of various financial research, Lithuania’s economy is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies post-antique. Furthermore, Lithuania, NATO, the Council of Europe and is a full member of the European Union at. Lithuania’s full membership of the European Union, the Schengen Treaty held on December 21, 2007.

Lithuania Info in 2009, the capital city of Vilnius, was chosen as the European capital of culture. In terms of political history, the first time the name “Lithuania” common history is the year of 1009, in 2009 the country’s 1000. anniversary celebration. Compared to the other Baltic States, Lithuania, the Baltic Sea, at least in the case of the country (border). Lithuania’s largest hot water port, Klaipeda Port. The country’s largest river, the Neman River, and is the base. The Neman River with the appropriate levers are used actively in international transportation.

Lithuania, the glaciers of the territory by the effects of the nub today. The country is quite cold in winter. The climate is maritime will supersede in the literature as well. A mild continental climate, can be seen on the territory of the country. The altitude of the highest point on the basis of Lithuania, “Aukstojas Hill”. These hills, is 293 meters high.


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