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Maiden’s Tower Myth and History

Maiden’s Tower Myth and History



Maiden’s Tower, was built on a spot near the shore of the Bosphorus in Üsküdar Salacak the 5th century BC by the Greeks. Üsküdar, dating from the Roman Empire is the only architectural work. used for different purposes throughout history and traditions are produced about a lot. Now look at a legend after the date before we let …

Although Hürel, based on his research “sala” refers to that used in the sense of the word village. to release the small village – in the sense of the quaint village “salacık” tan derived. That was probably a small village here in the past. Maiden Tower was also reached this village rather than, as at present.

Rocks in antiquity
historian base areas Official sources indicate that the Maiden Tower first mentioned in 400 BC. As far as is known, it was established as a customs point for maritime trade. The Quran is a commander of the Athenians. Athens, it was a period dominated by important Greek city-states and regions. For centuries, this small rocky him known to fulfill the duties imposed is a fact. There is also a legend associated with it, I’ll tell you below.

Alone worth noting that, Maiden’s Tower, about which much speculation and rumor, but accurate information is the least trace of Istanbul. I mention this for, there are historians who claim that the place was built as a breaking wave. Of course, the most widely accepted knowledge, is the first narrative I wrote above.

Maiden’s Tower in the Roman era
Centuries later, ie Byzantium, Constantinople after being here the first tower is erected. people who built this first tower according to the Roman historian, one of the most important dynasties of the Komnenos dynasty in the history of Rome, the Emperor Manuel Comnenus (1143-1180). Some sources date the construction of the tower in 1110 but called it Alexios Komnenos period corresponds to the period that historians describe him, no mention of the Maiden Tower.

Emperor Manuel had 2 reasons make this tower: Istanbul Strait to get under control and collection of taxes from commercial ships. This support also was taken to a thick chain between the European coast of the tower, which used to be written dozens of structural failure of the chain. In an account of the first tower it is said to remove the weight of the chain can not be demolished and despite all efforts.

Maiden’s Tower – Night
Maiden's Tower Myth and History  said the purpose of controlling the throat, but I remind you that; Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul has to assume an important role during the conquest. It was under the command of a Venetian fortress only a small force commander. Because the Roman finances deteriorated in the last few centuries has led to the loss of importance of the tower. For this reason it’s famous chain, was taken to the Golden Horn in 1453.

tower in Roman times, at times as much as in Ottoman be used as a place of exile and isolation. the Romans living in the city have told many stories about the tower and they derive legends. Even the term period tower gave names according to the story. I will mention below.

Maiden’s Tower in the Ottoman Empire
Ottomans Maiden Tower “empire” in his capacity as they have together. That is the power of approaching the climax! Therefore, what the city was conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han nor use other sultans here for defensive purposes. Already Rumeli and Anatolian Fortresses when there was no need.

Fatih era historians, the authors performed a new tower here by order of the sultan. I did not know exactly what purpose it is used. Probably still he must have done duty as a customs tower. This tower, from time to time and I remembered my other writings of Istanbul “Little Apocalypse” was damaged in the 1509 earthquake they said. Still a lot of work was restored by the famous architect Hayrettin repair period. It is about 200 years later, began to be used as a flashlight. It caught fire because of lamp oil used in this campaign, and burned. The new tower was built in masonry made instead.

Maiden's Tower Myth and History

Maiden’s Tower, was used to throw the ball in a variety of religious and diplomatic ceremonies. Some have used the Sultan course it’s a space or a relaxation area. According to a story 1.Abdülhamit Sultan, here was almost morning with the sound of wind and waves. The 1.Mahmut the Maiden Tower, who allegedly bribed a Darüssa has executed the network.

According to me the most interesting tasks of the Maiden Tower, in Istanbul in the 19th century during a plague epidemic spread has been used for the isolation of patients.

Republic and Maiden Tower
tower just before the establishment of the Republic of Turkey began to be used again as a lighthouse. In the 1940s the floor was reinforced. He served as military radar station in the early 1980s. Currently the course is operated by a private company outlets and restaurants. going to the tower where the candidates are subject to a surcharge: Fully 20 per student is $ 10. The visiting hours are from 9 in the morning every day from coast to Tue 18:45 in the evening.

Maiden’s Tower Legends
Kuz Tower As I stated above, is perhaps one of the many legends about Istanbul derived works. Greeks, Romans and Ottomans have separately told legends, they gave names to the tower, according to this story.

For example, the Greeks called it here Damalis Tower. The reason is that these places as I wrote in the first period lArInmIş Athenians. Athens King Hares had a beautiful wife. When the coast is loved very beginning to release bury him here. therefore Damalis coast to coast in Greek, they say the tower Damalis tower. Even if it’s true that there is a statue of Queen Damalis the rocks.

I mention below, he had a love legend of the Maiden Tower was dedicated. I told this story historic Galata District and Galata Tower is in writing.

Legend of Hero and Leander
Hero, in Greek mythology, defined as the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite is one of the nuns and girls serving in the Tower. Love is forbidden because of the nuns and has no relations with men.

One day passes for a ceremony across from the tower remained for years. There’s encounter with another priest named Leandros, and falls in love with her at first sight. Priests Leandros doors the same feeling. The only way they can see you, the cold and flowing waters of the strait Leandros is exceeding swim at night. While the story of a couple in love in this way, the torch is lit to show the way to a windy night Heron lover ends with extinction. Leandros lost their way in darkness smothers. According to legend, who witnessed with their own eyes to this situation, Sister Hero, lived not endure it and it puts an end to life, leaving the water in the strait itself.

Based on this legend, the Romans here, they called Leandros Tower.

Poisonous Snake Legend of the basket
Another legend of the Maiden Tower, tells baskets with poisonous snakes from the tower. Only this legend and Greek – Roman are both Turkish derivatives. I explain in chronological order.

King’s wife

In ancient times, Roman emperor, said her husband would die by fortune tellers. He puts it in the Maiden Tower to protect the queen. Apart from himself and does not allow anyone to enter the next special servants. Still, it does not pass in front of the fate and kill the queen sent through the food basket of snakes putting him there.

Ms. Sultan

According to this story, one of the Seljuk Sultan, sees that died bitten by a snake in the dream of his beloved daughter. Apprehensions doors, the sultan’s daughter to place the tower. It will not let anyone in or out, including the tower. Even flushed with water and milk, even special pipe joints. Then years later sultana ill. He barely improved by the best doctors known to date young girls. Thereupon many different places from sultana gifts are sent, there is a basket of grapes in between. snakes hidden inside the basket of grapes, it causes death by poisoning the night sultana.

Battal Gazi Legend
Another myth is about the Turkish Maiden Tower Seyyid Battal Gazi. Battal Gazi, Istanbul siege by the army of Islam joined with the period of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. Who failed siege of the Muslim army retreated Battal Gazi, will remain in Üsküdar. Because the girl is in love with the governor. However Üsküdar governor of imprisoning his daughter in the tower with the permission of the emperor tried to snatch it from Battal. On top of Seyyid Battal, as well as escapes, taking the treasures in the tower of the governor’s daughter and pressing the night Maiden’s Tower. Famous, “the area at Üsküdar passed” the statement also said that based on this legend.

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