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Major Bird Found in Turkey

Major Bird Found in Turkey



Turkey’s position in the world, Turkey has won many features. Our country is located in the central belt of a wide variety of plant and animal communities present among the most important of these features.

If you are seen to be of example, over 500 species of birds in Europe, our country is seen in 450 different bird species. Following both of these bird species from Asia, not Europe, our country has turned into a bird sanctuary. International Council for the Protection of Birds also have seen our country this feature and detect the presence of 70 bird sanctuaries in our country. If this bird sanctuary has been under emergency protection in 15 of them. Among the reasons for non-compliance with the procedure hunting, water pollution, species of reeds is located causes, such as the occupation of land and drought.

Located in heaven breeding bird species of birds are taken under protection so short incubation. The most important bird sanctuaries are located in Turkey;

Manyas Bird Heaven Manyas, our country is a bird of paradise bird of paradise are among the most famous. The structural characteristics and environment of Lake Manyas is analyzed, how much space is valuable for breeding and life style of the lake’s bird emerges in a clear way. Turkey’s most important bird sanctuaries from the beginning of Manyas Lake, lying incubating birds start arriving here with March makes an important center. At this time, it realized spawning action, remove the eggs of birds around May, while starts to fly in July. In this period, it becomes possible to observe more than 200 species of birds are here. Manyas was discovered dating back to 1938, it has been declared a bird sanctuary before the national park was made then.

Major Bird Found in Turkey

Sultansazligi Bird Sanctuary: It depends on Sultansazligi Lake in Kayseri Develi plain different bird species inhabit the approximately 250 varieties. The total number of birds in these different bird population is 400 thousand. This is a very different species of birds on the lake, while numerically takes first place freakin ‘idiots. The number of flamingos rather than the name of a bird is heard here around 20 thousand.

Çamlat of Tuzla: with incredible features in terms of bird species in the world Çamlat Tuzla 190 bird species and contains the body takes place in Izmir. Especially moving is quite different slots of flamingo species in groups, one of the most remarkable features of this bird paradise. except where flamingos, terns known as chatter, drew the attention of the diving and bird paradise of speed Bahri are among the guests.

Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary: The main location of the Ankara-Istanbul-Bolu and Ankara and Eskisehir square Nallıhan Bird stuck between the more than 150 species of birds inhabit. This is to be protected as a national park, bird sanctuary is based on the 1994. Another feature of this place is quite known where nature, hawks, quails, cranes, partridges, birds such as geese and pintails is taking place. In addition, the opportunity to picnic in the national park.

Bafa Lake: This bird of paradise, Dalmatian pelicans endangered extinction rate in nature, dilkuruk, such as white-headed sea eagle and bird species is very important due to host. which were widely spread in the environment in terms of land Bafa Lake is 260 incorporates the number of bird species in 16 thousand hectares.

Major Bird Found in Turkey

* Goksu Delta: In this region, the essence of native birds next
ellikl seen at least part of the Mediterranean and decreasing with each passing day the number of gallinule, a bird species has managed to become a symbol of the region. Another feature of the lake, the lake is host of the most species of birds in Turkey. This area contains approximately 330 kinds of bird species.

Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary: among other important bird sanctuary in Turkey is experiencing one of the 150 kinds of bird species in the lake and only 35 of these bird species are permanent. Crested white herons, wild ducks, storks, swans wetlands, such as shelduck and quite loving bird species are among the most common birds here. This lake has been registered at the same time and produce waterfowl conservation area.

This bird’s name outside of paradise is a special maintenance station opened in Birecik district of Sanliurfa for much needed bald ibis bird species. It is cared for here this bird species to extinction and are careful not to lose the kind of deal.

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