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Make-up recommendations for New Year’s Eve

Make-up recommendations for New Year’s Eve



The days of the new year number all left a sweet flurry. New Year’s Eve, you will decide which accessories you will use, but you can not decide on your make-up. It is precisely for this news that we

Avoid making extravagant make-up with the grandeur of New Year’s Eve. You can be ready for the New Year’s Eve by adding small details to the make-up you do in daily life. A makeup that shows natural and radiant skin will complete your outfit. You can take special care of your skin the day before New Year’s Eve. Masks and moisturizers suitable for your skin type provide a healthy shine of your New Year’s Eve. So, what about your makeup on New Year’s Eve?

  • Because it will be a long and moving night, you should choose permanent products in the make-up of Christmas. If you start using makeup base, your makeup will be more permanent.
  • For eye makeup, use water-resistant long-hours headlamps. You can make small but cool touches with colored pigments in your headlights.
  • One of the first people to come to mind when it comes to makeup for Christmas is red lipstick. For the New Year’s Eve you can complete your make-up using a red lipstick and a eyeliner. It will be a practical but highly ambitious makeup.
  • If you prefer to use headlight instead of eyeliner, you may prefer metallic headlights in gold, silver or burgundy tones. Spread the glow of the New Year’s Eve in your eyes.

Make-up recommendations for New Year's Eve

  • We have a great recommendation for those who do not give up on smoky eyes! You can make your custom smoky make-up on Christmas or New Year’s Eve in burgundy or green tones. However, be careful to use nude shades for your lips as the smoky eye makeup will have densities in the eyes.
  • Come on to make-up … In the make-up of the make-up is certainly the illuminators that will adapt to the new year’s night. You can end your makeup in a wonderful way by applying brightly to your cheekbones and other places you want to reveal in your face.
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