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Marinaleda, Spain

Marinaleda, Spain



Maybe it hit a spot in any field, Thomas More; Utopia. If you read it, it should not be as natural as you do not want to fall into the world you are talking about. It seems that the lifestyle described in that book took place in Marinaleda, a small village near Seville in the Andalusian region of Spain.

Marinaleda, with a population of about 3000 (2012); It should not be much different from the Kursad Khan, who holds up 300 Persians and 40 Persians who hold the Persian Army head to China. It is in the midst of Europe, which is struggling with financial crises. The story of Marinaleda stretches back to the 1980s. At that time all the village lands belonged to a wealth of Madrid. All of the villagers continue their lives by working on small numbers in these fields and they can not live the life they desire, even though they do all the work. In the old barracks, the people who are condemned to live in difficult conditions, a way out. The quest for Franco is toward a small light after the fall of the fascist regime.

Marinaleda, Spain

The first free choice after the demise of the regime was the establishment of the Collective Workers’ Union in the village; The Andalusian Front won. This choice becomes a turning point for the village. The villagers were inspired by John Steinbeck’s novel “The Wrath of the Wrath”. “Whoever works in the fields, lands are left behind. “And they start protesting. The purpose of the Protestors is to expropriate all the land in the country. The person who attracted this reaction is former teacher Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo. Gordillo and his compatriots, after years of struggle, have met their wishes, and in 1991, 1250 hectares of land were taken from the riches of Madrid, where the cooperatives established in the village were transferred to the service of the villagers.

Marinaleda, Spain In this village which will come like a fairytale after this, the order in which the developments started has been completely changed. Everything that has been done in the village has now been done through the cooperative. For example, if you want to be a host, the cooperative offers you all the possibilities, but there is a condition. If you want to be a host, you need to work on the construction of this house. This house is never yours. You can rent it for many years to live.

That’s 15 euro a year for you. Taking rentals in nearby villages as an example is really an important element in terms of evaluation. For example, El Rubio (population 3500), the closest village to Marinaleda, has the cheapest monthly rent in the village of 250 euro and hits the eye as over. Speaking of houses, the houses will have a 90 square meter indoor space, a 100 square meter garden and a car garage. It is in your mind that your mind must have brought luxury villas.

What is even more interesting is that education in this village is completely free and all costs are covered by the cooperative. While all food needs of the students are covered by the catering company operated by the co-operative, they can send their children to the school for 15 (2012) euro per month. To figure out how interesting this is, you need to consider the kindergarten fees in Seville. Monthly nursery fees in Seville are 250 euro (2012).
In fact, you have noticed that you must not eat the right of the Mayor while touching all this. Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo is confronted as one of the greatest contributors to the village.

Who is it, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo?

Marinaleda, Spain

Gordillo, in 2008, was elected Mayor of the Andalusian Parliament from the United Sol (IU) list, a serviceman who is not even a car maker, a man who is so open as to be able to transfer his salary to a co-operative ” in exit.
It is not in the best of our mind to think that the world of democracy has much debated that Marinaleda brings a different viewpoint in democracy.

In this village there is a parliamentary assembly called the People’s House, where there will be work to be done, who will work here, how much to work, how much to pay, how much tax will be paid, what kind of investments will be made with the excess amount of money earned and what will be exported and what will be imported. . The working hours in this village are set at 6 hours a day and the equivalent of 51 euros (2013) is paid. Everyone has to work at least one job after filling in 6 hours of wanting to work in the art of wanting to work. People with too many hours volunteer to help them grow by preparing lesson-like lessons for children’s education.

One of the interesting aspects of Marinaleda is that you have “Welcome to the Utopia” at the entrance of the village or a slogan like “Another world is possible” on any wall of the streets. In fact, there is not much to tell, there is a village that has got refreshed thanks to the base economy.

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