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Min your child hyperactive?

Min your child hyperactive?



Hyperactive word, the mother of one of his favorite words they ascribe to their children. The reason for this is to think that mothers with dependent hyperactivity intelligence. There is a wrong opinion about the moving child is smart. Experts, however, say that Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder independent of intelligence.
ADHD is one of the most important psychiatric problems of childhood. Family, school and society with the education and training issues concerning direction. The running of the child, fall is met, naturally making noise. But ADHD in the child’s mobility is excessive and the differences are understood quickly when compared with their peers.

Often these children are in constant motion. There are endless energy. They climb high places, sofas horses are running around in the house and stopped to talk and understand. not sit quietly as they could not play in a quiet way. They often involved in talking to two people talk and talk a lot. This lack of attention to the education of children is emerging life. does not like to do homework, they have to do homework with parents and teachers. rather they are forced to do homework. can not sit at the table, if they often excuses keeping grass (water to drink, go to the toilet, etc.) are removed. Whether the mother or father of the lessons that we are constantly working on. They are forced to do a job they undertake and pass the other end of the job. income from dinlememezlik When speaking with them. When a command to fulfill more than one said.

children are diagnosed with ADHD, especially in the period in which they start school. This is because they are used for their mothers and fathers of their children’s behavior is not natural for their behavior. And that they do not follow the lessons in the classroom. The warning is distributed in the slightest attention. to disrupt the peace of mind they get bored in class because of course, they are found in such behavior to distract. They make mistakes and sentence reading is seen that too often ended up words. They are forgetful.

Do not waste your belongings as well as the issues very well thought out, they even forgot that. fond of reading and writing. As well as the textbook story and they can be indifferent to the novel. Thus it is seen mistakes made carelessly exam. Because they are quick and impatient questions are common misreading. Therefore, the questions are well known to even answer wrong. Thus information and take notes on what they know to a lesser extent.

These guys will be fine examples and circle of friends should be created to help in taking notes from a friend seated next to a friend, should be diligent. In addition, the status of teachers should be requested to provide additional time to complete work must be informed. These children should be set short goals. For example, it should be given a single task. opportunity to play a game that should be allowed to circulate once it completes its task, or should be like. Then again be asked to return to the course. open to these children and what should be discussed. When should provide distracted again warned to return to classes. Positive behavior should be motivated övülerek. It should be measured in condemnation and should not be played with pride.

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Author: Yeliz Basara

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