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What is Minecraft? How to play?

What is Minecraft? How to play?



I want to talk a little bit about Minecraft, one of the popular games of recent times. Minecraft is a delightful game in which you discover lost worlds, fight monsters and unlock a variety of secrets. You can rebuild your own world as you wish with the means you will achieve.

There are two game types in the Minecraft game. One of them is the full version (Minecraft 1.0.0) and the other is the classic version which can be played through the browser. Both minecraft versions are multi-player and can be played with all game types.

How is it played on PC?

Minecraft is a square world. If you are new and do not know how to take steps to survive the first night, you can get information for the start in this post. First we need to make a place for ourselves. With the help of our workmanship, we immediately make our home. We are going to come back to our house in the daytime to collect what is going to work for us. By continuing in this way you should make items that will benefit you from the materials you collect. When you click on the left button of mause you have your character and monsters in the vote, and hit it, things break. Our character moves forward with the W key, down with the S key, left with the A key, and right with the D key. If you press the right button of the mouse, it puts a block. You have a total of 10 hearts each heart 2 candır. Your heart will die and you will have the goods in your inventory. You can create a private world to yourself, and you can add multiplayer, add servers and play with 5-6 people.

How do I improve my health?

You can improve your health by consuming a variety of food items. You can recover your health by filling in the fasting bar. There are some potions for this. Alternatively, when you play in "Peace" mode your health will automatically fill itself over time.

You can also deposit money in the game so you can become a VIP (you can be a private customer). You can also make your own character, for example the name of my character: GameFanTR you can make your character and play it beautifully from the internet.

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