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Mistakes that damage your skin What?

Mistakes that damage your skin What?



Our skin is one of the things we care about most. We do our best to take good care of our skin. Especially skin care for women poses quite important. But we pour tons of money in one hand while using the conditioner are making mistakes that damage our skin.

Most of us have made our mistakes, but to meet the normal daily life and are quite negative effects on our skin by transferring to you, we would like to enlighten you about skin care.

Makeup UYUMAK:
Almost all cosmetic products on the market contain carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Even the use of chemicals that harm us while also sleep while our faces and will give 2 times more damage to our skin. Be sure to clean your makeup before going to bed, you must treat them with a delicate cream cotton and assistance. Cosmetics beauty day while you are threatening ruin your skin your true beauty.

Our body protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals are fed. all the useful substances ingested are spread all over our bodies. Of course, our skin also. our skin will remain incomplete because of malnutrition during the useful substances from the body can not take sufficient minerals and many problems are emerging in our skin. Regular diet, and protects your health and the health of the skin as well as your body. In particular, C, A, E and B3 vitamins are very important for the health of our skin.

With the expansion of the coffee culture in every street was getting a coffee shop opens. This is the most popular show on the subject of women. But loving you drink coffee and other caffeine in foods and drinks is an enemy of your skin. Caffeine, causes skin dryness and wrinkles. Especially those who consume too much caffeine they must reduce property.

While it is important to get a lot of cleaning in the shower may yield poor results, unfortunately for skin health. Especially if this is a long, hot showers manner received. because it will destroy the natural oils that our skin needs to take a shower with hot water, our skin dries. So short and take a shower in warm water is extremely important for the health of our skin.

Our bodies are refreshed while asleep. All of our organ regeneration and regulation time intervals are different. Our sleep at least 8 hours a day is also important for a healthy body. Dryness of the skin is thick periods of sleep for renewed our sleep like other parts of our body, it can manifest many problems such as wrinkles.

stress of everyday life, it is not necessarily more or less a psychology we live in so many ways. Under high stress our skin if we are cold sores, wounds, acne begins to emerge. It may have had a negative thing for the skin. Moreover, in the inflammation in acne squeeze because it will infect the skin clean is very dangerous region. a quiet life, will show your skin more beautiful.

Our skin renews itself after each network. This renewal process also takes approximately 3 weeks. This is done in the network over time is to refine the skin. If this sensitization may experience an increased skin problems. So you need to set your best time over the network.

They dry the moisture in the air conditioners in terms of operating principles. This dry air directly to your skin as a result of contact with your skin will be dry.

At the same time in a very long time in the thick of the sauna and hot water shower with side effects given by the German side effect it is seen in the same way.

Water, everything that makes our bodies more beautiful and healthy. Of course, it is also our skin. The skin minerals in the water provide a bright and healthy looking. At the same time water to moisten the skin. Although the body has enough skin to not getting enough water and minerals to cleanse the toxins will not start out dry and cold sores on the skin.

So surely 2-2.5 liters of water a day, but we think that these errors normally be consumed gerekmektedir.cildi our general we do the most damage. They are about taking into account the recommendations we make to your skin and your body more healthy bakabilirsiniz.özellikl de so the skin for women important, carcinogenic and by a chemical substance of conditioner instead of using the home and will make a more accurate skin care in correcting errors it made.

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