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Moisturise your skin during the summer months

Moisturise your skin during the summer months



Dry and flaky skin, one of the most important rules of the hot summer days peeling skin care to drink enough water. This is essential for protecting the skin moisture and resistant to external factors. The experts suggest a day of drinking the amount of water in the direction of not less than 8 glasses.

How long enough moisturizer?
Drinking water is not sufficient for the protection of the moisture content of the skin. At this point it needs to add moisture to the skin moisturizers circuit enters. moisture content of the skin is gaining more importance in the transition seasons.

Because UV rays in summer, dry winds from, hot, sea and pool water from the affected skin, with the effect of tanning As autumn becoming more dry and worn.

Hence the importance of spring and summer in the skin moistened sufficiently spontaneously emerges. The skin should be good for moisturizing cream and high humidity in the summer months regularly use the spray every day.

And both sweating during the day can be lost due to the effect of skin care products into the sea and swimming pool. In this case, the preference for intense moisturizing and repeated the content important to gain back the lost moisture to the skin. 

It’s not just your face, moisturize your entire body

Hot and dry weather in the period dominated not only the face and hands, the body must be moistened well. After applying the moisturizer more bathrooms, play a role in the body’s moisture balance.

Summer sun are drying your skin

increased this summer with all the negative external factors can disrupt the natural appearance of the skin and structure. Therefore, care must be remembered that and made a good summer beauty indispensable to the moistened skin.

Because reduction of the moisture content; canlıg lost to the skin, wrinkling, aging, more people appear tired and led to the plant because, in preparing the ground to the other side of the dry-borne diseases.

Therefore, the hot weather is properly cleaned skin, apply moisturizer right, glittering, it is regarded as the golden rule of a beautiful skin.

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