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More natural recipes for beautiful hair

More natural recipes for beautiful hair



natural masks for hair care at home

Search your hair how you satisfied with them? Or, dull, dull appeared broken and c are upsetting you? Well, now you can solve problems in a practical and natural hair because our recipes for hair care! Worth a try, your hair will acclaim our effective beauty advice; Trust us!

When applying practical information we suggest, there is a point to consider: You should apply a certain amount of time to get successful results. For example, cumin juice recipes against hair loss, you must make at least 4 times so it can show its real effect. Agreed, right? Regular application will do for your beauty.

cumin water against hair loss

cast your hair due to a variety of reasons: seasonal changes, pregnancy, hormonal disorders, stress, such as the use of poor quality shampoo … But why will not you cumin maintenance work for a solution, no matter what. This affordable, practical and efficient thanks to reduced mask your hair loss from day to day, you will be your new and bushy hair.


1 teaspoon cumin

1 cup water

Preparation and implementation,

for hair loss will be more useful to do before going to bed the cumin mask. bring to a boil then take the pot with water and cumin leave to cool down from the stove. Nigella water massage it into the scalp. Soak up the morning of your hair, you can wash in the morning or if you wish you can stay without washing.

Making the best way to get results cumin water 2 times a day 1 we advise.

apple cider vinegar for a more flamboyant hair care

If your hair looks dull and lifeless, you can produce the miracle solution of apple cider vinegar. Yes, apple cider vinegar to your hair problem as it was beneficial to weight loss also benefiting. Do not you ever wonder: If your hair is definitely not smell of vinegar. But the bright, vivid and looks bulky. Worth to try!


1 tablespoon cider vinegar

1 liter of water

Spray bottle

Preparation and implementation,

Stir the acetic acid and water in a spray bottle. You will use this against me every day until the end. Your hair after bathing damp bottoms and tight ends in the form of apple vinegar and water to moisten slightly. Dry your hair as usual. The first will be a miracle even use changes.

More natural recipes for beautiful hair

violet oil treatment for hair extensions Fast

Do you regret that you cut your hair? Or it is burned during paint? Cause no matter what, apply our method of natural solution for fast hair extensions, you will be satisfied! violet oil is good for hair care for prolonged fast. 3-4 pounds transfer as you will with economical figures violet oil, fixes the hair wear.


1 tablespoon butter violet

1 tablespoon olive oil

Preparation and implementation,

Take a small sauce pan heat the oil for about 10 seconds. Wrap a towel persistent massage the hair ends. After waiting at least half an hour to care for your hair oil inceletip driving whip your hair with shampoo your hair at all in the palm of a little water from wetting. Rinse. This way the oil is spread to make them clean.

10 practical information for more beautiful hair:

  1. Use oil arc strong and shiny hair.
  2. Keep at least 30 cm away from the hair dryer.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner only persistent hair ends.
  4. Eat walnuts to nourish your hair from the inside.
  5. Instant Apply blush to your hair shiny appearance. Yeah!
  6. If your hair is constantly lubricated hands quickly.
  7. Use liquid hair conditioner to prevent hair breakage.
  8. Use products according to your hair type necessarily.
  9. Rinse your hair with plenty of water, otherwise it is poured and dull.
  10. Do more hair care passes the winter in the fall.
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