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Most lightning crossed Lake Maracaibo Location

Most lightning crossed Lake Maracaibo Location



“Relmpago del Catatumbo” Catatumbo lightning has given the Spanish name. This is a phenomenon occurring in northern Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

It is the most common site of lightning strikes on Earth. not different from other lightning, the constant exposure to the lightning of Catatumbo river mouth makes him unique.

Historical Significance of lightning in Venezuela:

Lightning strike has helped prevent two enemy attacks. In 1595 when the first British ship Sir Francis illuminated by a lightning light directed by Drake, the British failed surprise attack.

Most lightning crossed Lake Maracaibo Location  Second Spanish forces during the Venezuelan War took place in 1823 when it tried to sneak.

Catatumbo lightning storms:
South America, North Venezuelan Lake Maracaibo is located where most fall of lightning. Exactly Catatumbo river’s mouth where the river meets the lake. Here it is the same place every day, about an hour after sunset from lightning. This lightning is lightning, but just like any other place and timing of the fall of lightning is almost a miracle.

Most lightning crossed Lake Maracaibo Location

Why is falling Lightning Most Maracaibo Lake?

Because of the anatomy of the region held a closed wind circulation Lake Maracaibo is the root cause of lightning strikes. Caribbean Sea, the winds remain trapped between the mountains around the lake. Plain bearing winds from the heat and humidity of the Andes’ from mixes with the cold air in and turn the storm clouds.

Maracaibo Lighthouse:

Catatumbo lightning phenomenon is also known as a beacon of Maracaibo and about 250 miles (402 km) can be seen from a distance like. Storm days in a year is about 160 days in the Lake Maracaibo. forming a mass of storm clouds, it is said to be the largest generator of ozone in the troposphere of the Catatumbo lightning. illuminating the sky at night is also a guide for fishermen.

Author: Tulay Arsoy

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