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Natural Wrinkle Mask Recipes

Natural Wrinkle Mask Recipes



Foods containing DHEA hormone accepted as the elixir of youth is quite helpful in the fight against wrinkles. These substances are known as fat in the avocado structure.

Therefore, especially for your forehead, eat avocado with lemon juice every night for 2 weeks. You will find that this course did you start to take effect within 4 days.

soy Mouth environment
Starting around the nose, you do not want the formation of a line ending in the mouth, you can easily get the precaution of natural ingredients and massage. To do this, eat plenty of soy products.

Because soy products contain preservatives cells called flavonoids.

This material also is found on some conditioner. on the persistent problem of creams containing flavonoids, massage in a circular motion with your fingertips until 5 minutes.

If you use every day, you will be able to get an effective result within 2 weeks.

olive oil to the upper lip
Upper lip environment is often neglected. However, this region is most rapid moisture loss suffered. The biggest helper in this case olive oil.

Apply a few drops of olive oil on your upper lip, tap lightly with your fingertips. This movement accelerated olive oil to soften your skin in the bloodstream.

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