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New Home Decor ideas For The Newly Married

New Home Decor ideas For The Newly Married



Wedding times are usually in the summer months. If you are going to be married in the near future and will move to a new home with your partner, we would like to make a few suggestions to help the newly married couple to decorate their house. If you want to change your home, you should listen to our suggestions.

Take home measurements with the meter. If necessary, draw simple, measured cross-sections of the house sections. You will find a sofa, bed, table, table and so on. Determine what the dimensions should be. Even the dimensions of the doors and corridors in the house are important for the passage of furniture. Also take measurements of the walls. Walls in a narrow alanda are of great importance. This information will be very helpful to you when you buy the product.

Many people suffer from the fact that they take their goods before they identify their homes. So make sure you identify the house where you will sit before buying the goods.
The furniture in the store exhibits may occupy more space than you estimate when you place it in the house. Make a note of the approximate size of the items on the simple sketches you draw for your life of distress. On this page you will see roughly the ratio of the settlement of the main furniture and the remaining living areas on the paper.

There are architectural computer placement programs available on most of the branded furniture companies, so you have the chance to test your furnished room both visually and metamatically. So you will be saved from last minute surprises like not having to fit in your home or giving your imagination in your imagination.

New Home Decor ideas For The Newly Married

Create a list!

Create a list of your needs. It is very important that you list your needs because the intensity of the emotions experienced before the marriage can affect your decision making, which can lead to unnecessary unnecessary commits. Buying items that are not often used restricts the living space and makes them more scattered and narrower than their homes.
If your home is small, the furnishings are of special importance. It is important to provide multi-function with few furniture in order to get maximum benefit from the space. By using multifunctional furniture, you will be able to use the same room as both a bedroom and a living room.

Set a budget

Make your budget before you buy your goods. Write down your estimated prices according to the idea you have on the market in exchange for the products in your list. Pick up and decide whether it is suitable for your budget. If you have reached more than your budget, first identify those that are not essential. But nowadays, it is possible to reach the product in the style that you want according to every budget. That’s why you have to explore more to see more products.
Set the style of your house. Do you like modern, minimalist lines, less detail, or do you love classic models, avant-garde style? Do you want an eclectic style by using furniture and objects that are experienced in decorating, blending vintage style or classical with modern? If you do not know where to start, decorating magazines will not help you. You can determine the styles you like by researching the styles on the internet.

Select colors

As well as your liking, the structural characteristics of the space are also important. In narrow, dark places, you can choose to have light colors wider, while you can use vibrant tones in large or abundant light areas. Again, depending on preference, you can use light colors in a place with lots of light, and you can store sun energy for a long time. Also pay attention to the harmony of walls and floors. Do not ignore the contrast of the contrasting colors, the light darkness and the harmony. Use light colored floors in your field, and light colored ones in dark colored floors.
The bedroom is not only a zone designed to sleep, but a secret subconscious of people. Therefore, there should be enough storage space beyond the comfort and ergonomic bed. Take care to use bedding and multi-eyed wardrobe.

Light colors should be preferred in the design of kitchen cabinets. Light colors provide a bright and spacious image as well as streaming.

Take care to create separate areas for your spouse and yourself in your baths. In this way, you can freely place your personal belongings.

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