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Norway’s capital Oslo Introduction

Norway’s capital Oslo Introduction



is the capital city, with a population of Scandinavia 900,000 4. The largest city in Norway is big, it is. At the same time is the name of the province in which it is located in Oslo.
Is the city’s famous dinner, salmon. Salmon with a mediocre restaurant menu, with a price of about $70 in the menu book. To get from the airport to the city centre, at least 20 euros as a city to be removed from the eyes of the quantity, the most luxurious and most expensive city in the world. In the heart of the city and in many regions, tourist information point.

Maps of the city from this point on, attractions, sights, transport guides such important documents can be achieved. Enjoy the architecture and human relations from Oslo, a must-see city. Classical words like postcard photo. The end of the main street in the center of the city, reaching the King’s place on the left side of the road is located in the Government building. In front of the Government building, a large green park, a park section also bicycle rental points.

Norway's capital Oslo Introduction

Observe the numerous immigrant lives in Oslo, is pretty easy. Clean the streets, the people of different ethnic origins live in harmony are also quite important is the another. The level of education and foreign language domination in the city is very high. Are ordinary shops clerk, reading the newspaper on the beach to eat old people is dominated by English citizens. Clock tower can be seen from the beach Castle, opera house, skyline, many advanced port and similar structure with a large group of tourists Oslo scale navigation.

The highest city of the Opera House, Oslo will be dominated by the image it is possible to capture the General. Opera House, although visually intriguing architecture and a symbol of the city as being too. The King’s House, is a very interesting and worth a visit. Although quite splendid, just in front of the building is the largest of all of the main street of Oslo. In front of the King’s House, the soldiers standing guard, the Guard soldiers glum in many European countries as otherwise, friendly and chatty.

Norway's capital Oslo Introduction  State Theatre, the busiest street of the city is set on the doorstep. Consistently came up with games and activities on this theater, is an important cultural value of the city. Oslo airports is an interesting situation is pretty tight routine controls. When entering the country, although very tight control, while leaving the country as top-level calls drug search, of course.

Climate is temperate in summer as in winter, the city is quite cold months. In the evening, strong winds, is warm during the day due to the nature of a day is live, Oslo. As the impact of the Scandinavian culture is already a known fact-filled. In addition, the villagers open markets create a bit more reminiscent of Eastern culture.

In General, Oslo although cold and expensive city, after all, in the sense of architecture and life standards and is an important capital that needs to be experienced. Politically, many not be able to and the interview which originally housed Oslo, squares and buildings is also a center of interest.


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