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One of the Seven Wonders of the World; Grand Canyon National Park

One of the Seven Wonders of the World; Grand Canyon National Park



In 1979, the Unesco World Heritage List within the large and deep canyon is a natural wonder. lovers travel the Grand Canyon is a place that must undergo. Canyon is visited by five million people a year. The reason is the deep slot, more than 1500 plants, 355 birds, 89 mammals, 47 reptiles there is the cessation unique memories.

Also one hand while canyoning stunning scenery you can also enjoy meals prepared with the Indians. The State of Arizona in the United States covering a wide area in Coconino and Mohov the Regions has unique geological canyon view.

Located around the Colorado River was formed by splitting the canyon of the river for millions of years. If you wish you can go rafting on the river. There is also a helicopter tour, but it is expensive. a five hiking trails are also available to people who want to see this beauty. You can also get the locals to give his gifts in return and your loved ones in your family.

There is a South Rim of the canyon. More preferably, the South Rim, because in certain months of the year can be visited North Rim. This is because of the climatic conditions. When the first snow falls off from the North Rim. This area can visit between May and October, but is waiting for you all year round to the South Rim.

Before going to the canyon it is useful to know:

– If you intend to participate in the hiking trails suitable shoes, you need to keep in water.
– Insect and animal bites like him to take medication for the measures to be in place.
– If you are planning a stay in the river make sure to bring your camping gear.
– Before you go, be sure to check the weather and climate in the canyon’s appropriate clothing with you.
– If you plan to sunset in the canyon, remember to take a flashlight because lighting is not present in the canyon.
– All right way, you can easily get yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the canyon after you make them.

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