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Our Comrade We Can not Give Up Perfume

Our Comrade We Can not Give Up Perfume



The perfume, which dates back to almost a century ago and finds itself a different area of ​​use every century, is nowadays almost like a business card. But how to choose the right perfume? How should perfume be applied?

The sense of smell works 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and has 75% of our affect on our emotions. In addition, the person’s memory, concentration and every other important mental state are also in an interrelated relationship.

According to the scientific researches made, a person forgets the voice, then the face, and finally the external appearance. On the other hand, the fragrance of one person is not forgotten even though it has passed decades later. Perfumes that have become the most important building stone of a sector that emerged from necessity in the past more and expressed in million dollars over time, undoubtedly the most perfect discovery of mankind.

In ancient Egypt, perfume is used for many different purposes, especially to approach God, to miss evil spirits, and to treat diseases, which is the most important tool that defines and completes today’s people. On the special days like birthday, sevgililer day, the answer is “what is good and what am I going to do now” and the savior answer.

Perfume is different from every tendon!
Contrary to popular belief, not every perfume has the same effect on each tendon. Because each skin has its own odor and pH grade. It is even so that sometimes the same perfume may have different effects on the same person in different time periods. The person may have medication, scentful foods, sweating, or a patient or hormonal team changes (such as menstruation, pregnancy, etc.) Different treatment of body metabolism causes an undesired turn of perfume smell. To make the right choice when choosing a perfume, we must first consider these factors.

Our Comrade We Can not Give Up Perfume

When choosing a perfume, we should also notice that no other odor has spilled on our bodies. Because the fragrance that exists in our skin interacts with the perfume we will try new, and it will cause me not to smell different from the original. Also when we try perfume, we have to try at most three flavors. Because if more than this is tried, they can not distinguish their nose smells from each other. We need to define enough time so that the smell we try can show itself exactly. We should continue to buy and sell our favorite fragrances to our bodies and smell the stinks that we breathe again after a certain period of time. Perfume completes its development during the time we give it to it and it reaches its true odor.

At what point should we apply the perfume?
The perfume loves the hot spots of the body, such as the wrists, behind the ears, between the neck and the chest. So if we want to keep our perfume for long periods of time, we definitely need to apply this point. Besides, if we want to leave traces of ourselves around each of our movements, we must always squeeze some fragrance in my legs and hair. We must squeeze our fragrance 30 centimeters away so that it does not stain the application properly. The most ideal spots for applying perfume to clothes are underpants, underwear and skirts. If we are fashionable synthetic, we should not ignore the days when we will be a busy tempoda, the perfume that we apply will change over time and turn into an unexpected unpleasant smell.

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