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Overeating request to cut 5 recommended

Overeating request to cut 5 recommended



How to prevent excessive food cravings?
Do you have the desire to eat constantly on your mind? You hear me break down and you will regret when you eat? Do not worry, there’s a cure! ‘High Heels’ as we offer you practical ways to prevent excessive appetite; You will read eagerly.

Easier you lose weight, you eat and balancing the demands of your life necessarily reflect our advice to help you be happier. you really use any information you learn here will weaken. But only if you do not practice reading, you can not win. Therefore, you should endeavor to refresh your habits.

Enrich your taste palate

like the taste of every food you eat will make you feel yourself to be open to satisfy your taste buds. You eat a big bowl of salad, but if you think you have not eaten anything for the flavors to appeal to you. So keep in mind that would be the idea of ​​constant food cravings.

Solution: but you really like the taste of eating meals consisting of foods help you lose weight. Spices, fresh herbs, make your meal more delicious with the sauce. Sometimes, even if you enjoy it or not, ‘I will weaken With this salad, thank goodness, “he thinking of your hamburger.

Practical information: Start by eating all the food that you like best before your utensils. This way, your stomach can get enough food on your plate before the end; You have to take calories from the food you love in vain.

Chewed and swallowed a long time

Overeating observations made on people who request food they eat too fast, it was observed that they swallow the mouthful of chewing well. As a result excess weight, constipation, abdominal bloating and problems such as fatigue occurs after a meal. Did you take care of yourself; How do you eat your meal?

Solution: swallow your chewing each bite after at least five. Eat your meal calmly and thankfulness. The benefits to you will be: will be filled and you will lose weight by eating fewer calories and receive balanced. Excessive food cravings will diminish day by day, you will feel satisfied.

Overeating request to cut 5 recommended

Wait before drinking water

Excessive appetite, and one of the biggest causes of unhappiness, is to drink water in sufficient amounts. ‘But I drink water!’ We hear you say, but you are sure you drink enough your body needs! You can often confuse hunger and thirst signals from your brain, you eat this much and will eventually cause you to gain weight.

The solution: a glass of water before sitting down and lose weight in order to prevent both excessive desire to eat and sip it slowly. Wait until the expiration of the desire to eat calmly; You will find it useful.

Practical information: 14 per day and sip a glass of water sitting inside is cleaned inside your body when your energy rises, cellulite is reduced, the faster you lose weight.

See fertility in Motion

people are too lazy to do sports community in Turkey, sees exercise as monsters; Do you also one of them? Sports do that, moving like an old man that has been set aside goods, place and stops rust and rot. If you do not immediately begin to sport, to grow old by the day, he will gain weight, you will lose your life energy. There are a lot more damage you guessed still alive.

Solution: Just start exercising. Excessive appetite to be balanced, to lose weight, you will feel happier and full of energy. ‘But I do not know what sport’ we hear you say, and we have a practical way to do this:

Home exercise! You can see the sports movement at home with pictorial narrative by clicking on the link below.

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