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Oylat Hot Springs Ankara-Turkey

Oylat Hot Springs Ankara-Turkey



Located on the Ankara highway with Bursa İnegöl Oylat hot springs, 4 seasons is known as a vacation spot. The city centre is located 26 km from the Oylat hot springs waters, features the world’s top resorts has become one. Thermal tourism, which are worth, and the second highest in the world after Switzerland Oylat hot springs, also known with the world-famous Inegol meatballs.

Oylat Hot Springs Ankara-Turkey

Oylat hot springs and the cave How consists of?

Oylat hot springs thermal waters in the world with the high ranking for a Oylat Cave with the name frequently mentioned. Oylat hot springs on the way to and from their guests Oylat Cave. Interconnected in such a way that a total of 2 storey Oylat cave again the total length is 665 meters. Tens of thousands of years since known like eyes filled with stalactites and stalagmites Oylat Cave is also Turkey’s biggest 2. the cave is known as.

Oylat hot springs in Treatment Processes

Oylat Hot Springs Ankara-Turkey Sudanese health with the slogan from the ancient Romans, the name given to our country and from water therapy with therapeutic thermal waters known as used Oylat He used both the rest and treatment purposes, as well as a variety of thermal water that Rao Rao Spas in sauna, massage, swimming pool and many activities such as physical therapy area.

Oylat hot springs Treatments Applied in Physics

To get rid of a lot of people treat or alleviate a little bit of pain went on behalf of thermal waters is applied to one of the methods of effective physical therapy addresses Oylat is physical therapy. Erectile dysfunction, arthritis, Eclipse, endless pain such as pain is shown as the solution of the doctors ‘ recommendation with physical therapy just got the point and the desired results when it is effective.

For those who want to take advantage of the thousands of visitor from oylat hot springs private rooms and different activity facilities. Beginning with the appropriate accessories, including the thermal spring waters offers many special events to benefit from.


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