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Parsley Mask good coming to Sunburn

Parsley Mask good coming to Sunburn



Sunburns one of the most common health problems, with the coming of summer. In summer, the experts reminded that some skin problems more easily develop, the need for skin sunburn in the short term as well as long-term stating that various damages, and gave information on the subject.

Something that would not do De Shadow

To avoid sunburn from direct contact with the sun must be avoided and protective supposed to be used. However, most people follow this rule and this will cause burns manifested in the form of flush or redness of the skin. Sunburn is sometimes necessary in emergency response. Primary treatment, use sunscreen and sun exposure is to limit the time to be longer than 20 minutes. Wrong who think that bask in the shade under an umbrella. Sun continues if the shade. Therefore it is essential to protect indoor clothing as possible.

Consume plenty of water

Sunburn should drink plenty of water will increase water loss from the skin when it occurs. oily creams to relieve skin products such as extra virgin olive oil should be applied. Wet dressings should be repeated as often as pain reliever. It must be referred to an emergency unit in the common surface involvement.

Parsley Mask Against Sunburn

Besides experts recommending it quite well from sunburn masks parsley, he gave a description of parsley parsley mask … spend half a blender, add 1 tablespoon yogurt and 1 slice of lemon. Apply the mask that you have prepared by rubbing your skin and leave for 45 minutes. 3 You can apply this mask on your skin daily. Due to the acid in the lemon will help to pass the content of this mask your spots.

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