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Pineapple contains all the necessary minerals to the human body

Pineapple contains all the necessary minerals to the human body



Pineapple, people who want to lose weight just like the raspberry is the biggest help. In fact, generally known as the food they eat pineapple rich. However, today more easily and can be found a little more affordable price.

Pineapple, called bromelain contains many active substances. Bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapple, is a factor that prevents the inflammatory reaction in the body. Bromelain specifically inhibits rheumatic diseases. Even more effective is the effect of cortisone drugs has more healing properties. Also it has no side effects.

Pineapple is very effective for the healing of wounds and bruises. Especially pineapple athletes are often very useful food for suffering from injuries. Pineapple is also a news editor digestive system. Stomach friendly with pineapple, it corrects indigestion also helps to weaken. Pineapple contains high fiber, constipation in an income.
Pineapple, inflamed joints, rheumatic diseases, shows the therapeutic properties of aches and pains.
that aid digestion, relieves indigestion and is very useful for weakened.

Pineapple contains all the necessary minerals to the human body

pineapple is very useful for skin and hair health, especially acne is very effective for skin blemishes. The extension of healthy hair, you can eat pineapple for shiny hair and strong, is very useful. Thanks to the vitamin B content allows you to have strong hair shiny and quickly extended. It has now consumed pineapple, contact may cause diarrhea.

Because pineapple is high in fiber and run people’s intestines and cause diarrhea if consumed in excess. In addition, if you are not eating unripe pineapple nausea, vomiting is caused. In addition, if consumed after pineapple itching, swelling could be doing if you are allergic to pineapple. In such a case, contact your doctor immediately.

Besides, in people taking antidepressant drugs can interact with pineapple upside down. Therefore, caution should consume people who use antidepressants. In addition, people who use blood thinners should use caution pineapple and pineapple juice.
Pineapple contains all the minerals required for a human body. Pineapple juice is extremely beneficial against fever and colds.
Behind the tough exterior of pineapple consume should be removed carefully sliced ​​and consumed.

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