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Pulling the hair dryer Tricks What?

Pulling the hair dryer Tricks What?



Sheet is the process of inserting the hair shape is forced evaporation of the water in the hair. Smooth and harmonious hair, volume and attractiveness of the miracles he expected from each woman’s hair dryer.

So, how pulled the hair dryer?
Wash your hair with shampoo, rinse well. It can even do finally rinse with cold water. Dry press with light movements rub your hair with a towel. Use a wide-toothed comb while scanning.

If your hair is damp hair styling lotion or a volumizing product to suit your herd. Dry your hair dryer bringing the fastest setting.

Starting with your forehead lines that separate the front and sprinkle over your head, attach the clips. Separate section extending from one ear to the other ear and attach the clips. Back and fasten the clips by tufts underlying auger.

for tired arms that pull the hair dryer into the dryer first taking the upper part 7 cm pieces. Keep the machine while pulling the hair dryer to the outside of the hair in an upright manner. Attach clips compromised by wrapping two fingers to pinch and straightened.

When you are finished, remove the clips after you fix your hair tight hair spray. You can straighten your hair into 5 cm Finally, sprinkle with the straightener.

What are the tricks to pull the hair dryer?

– Start from the nape to pull the Sheet. Before the bottom, then start pulling the hair dryer to the top.

– If you have long hair, hair on your neck, pull the sheet extending düzleştirirk brush forward.

– Get latest and bangs, pull the hair dryer for drying the easiest parts.

– Pulling the right direction contrary to the prolongation of the funding to add volume to hair. Long hair, wrap a bit upwards, then release the funding.

– Separate your hair into 3-4 sections. Attach each part of your clip with myself.

– Pull each individual sheet to be bright curls. Hold the hair dryer from top to bottom. Blow Blow towards the ends of the hair roots.

– Wrap the tip of the brush to look beautiful, hair dryer empty by internal and external pull, repeat.

– For smooth and silky appearance, starting from the bottom and pull down all the curls.

– To maintain its shape, pull your hair and blow-dry the scan until it is fully dry.

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