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Quick Cure Hair prolonging Directions

Quick Cure Hair prolonging Directions



If your hair is breaking too quickly and does not extend? With this formula we suggest you both will have to both healthy and shiny hair will ensure longer your hair quickly.

But let’s say before giving directions.

This course you have to do with certain periyat. Cure apply 1 time per week for 8 weeks, you’ll adjourn for two weeks. You can apply this process to your hair until you achieve the desired length.

Here’s hair 1 cm prolonging treatments per week:

Necessary materials

– 7-8 leaf senna

– Sweet almond oil

– 1 bemiks bulb (B vitamins)

– Half a cup of water

Preparation and Application of

Senna half a cup of tea, boil water transport, wait for it to warm up. Then drain the water into a clean bottle (you can discard the leaves) and into the bottle cap is available as sweet almond oil and 1 add bemiks bulbs.

Do you have hazır.hazırla the cure cure by massaging your scalp. If possible, wait for 4-5 hours or up to 2 hours and rinse with warm water. 

Warning: If you use a voucher vouchers when applying for the Cure bottle is quite liquid, you make it more comfortable and clean application.

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