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Recommendations for raspberries, raspberry What are the benefits?

Recommendations for raspberries, raspberry What are the benefits?



Extremely low calorie raspberry is a fruit, but also a kind of sweet sweet enough to resolve the request of the person who is the herbal diet. Because a handful ahu contains only 100 calories. High fiber source, raspberry, but also it contains plenty of vitamin c. raspberries with a certain proportion of potassium source, containing high levels of anthocyanin, has the effect of protecting from cardiovascular disease.

He ahu addition, pieces to eliminate pain and to ease labor among the people. Raspberry, many plants such as tea should be used with medical supervision and as certainly hurt more than anything, herbal teas should be steeped in greater proportion and should not drink more than 3-5 minutes. Because more steeped herbal tea taste bitter herbs are transformed into a form of damaging Taking out a lot of benefits.
Recommendations for raspberries, raspberry What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of raspberry?

Due to the high percentage of antioxidant anthocyanin content of vitamin C and cancer diseases, heart disease, and protective factors against the immune system.
It runs Ahu fibers contained in the bowels of the high rate of probiotics and support.
Extremely low in calories with raspberries, a collaborative effort of people to lose weight, prevent fresh crises they experienced while dieting.

Recommendations for Raspberries:

If you want to lose weight you should definitely consume raspberry tea. Because of raspberries and low calories, as well as prevent fresh crises. If you eat a serving of fresh raspberries in a day he will never in crisis depending on the day of the diet.

The women’s menstrual periods very painful, consuming a cup of raspberry leaf tea during the day, it can get rid of the painful menstruation complaints.
raspberry tea recipe for menstrual cramps:
1 teaspoon raspberry leaf
250 cc boiled water

Put the raspberry leaves in a teapot and add boiling water over. Wait 3-5 minutes to infuse. Subsequently consumed hot. You can drink four cups of tea a day from ahu 1 cup.

Raspberry tea should pay attention to:

Raspberry consuming absolutely careful to avoid such pregnancy. Because none of herbal tea should not be used during pregnancy without doctor permission. Unconscious used herbal teas during pregnancy can lead to extremely dangerous consequences until you reach a low risk.

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