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Refresh your skin to Suggestions and Recommendations

Refresh your skin to Suggestions and Recommendations



I hate to say it, but unfortunately the summer ends, it’s time to refresh your skin tanned from the sun and wear and tear. Every woman wants to have a beautiful and well-groomed skin and tried different methods from each other for it. But not necessarily in need expensive products to be well-groomed and beautiful.

– Drink plenty of water: to drink plenty of water, a fact that moisturizes the skin from the inside. There is an obstruction or 2 liters of drinking water per day in terms of health benefits. But they should drink water instead of tea and coffee. Because tea drinks such as coffee has the effect constructive urine, which causes a loss of water.

– Use Moisturizing cream: Especially dry, flaky skin aging and protects against these effects. Especially the lower eye and can be applied to all skin types. contain natural moisturizers (especially olive oil) should be used.

– Guards should be used in winter and summer: sunscreen to protect from stains and aging, not only in summer than in winter should be used. In addition to these chemical filters must be ensured when selecting the physical filter.

– Oily skin should be cleaned frequently: Lubrication acne and prepared the ground for microbial growth. Therefore, oily skin should be washed frequently. But not necessarily natural antiseptic soap to be used and which should be preferred.

– Nutrition shape important: vegetables, vitamin-rich foods such as fruits should be consumed. Enough can not find it, can be externally vitamin supplements. To this end biotin, vitamins C and E, and the importance of zinc are large.

– Stay away from cigarettes: Tea, coffee should be consumed less. Smoke from the absolutely must be avoided.

– Sport and exercise is very important: But instead closed gymnasiums sport and exercise for healthy skin should be done outdoors.

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