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Results predicted that artificial intelligence was developed

Results predicted that artificial intelligence was developed



‘Robots judge’, the provision of 79 per cent of the case at the European Court of Human Rights had guessed correctly.

artificial intelligence technology of British scientists ‘robot judges’ has developed. The final product of artificial intelligence, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) the provision of 79 percent of the cases seen guessed correctly.
The algorithm developed by computer scientists at UCLA and the University of Sheffield University in London, cases can be examined by both legal and moral dimensions.

The team developed the algorithm, 584 cases were seen installing a computer with artificial intelligence to the ECHR.

When the computer is also a clear violation of human rights; Found that certain statements or information of the case more often used in the text.

‘Robot judges’ he estimated about 600 to close the case of the provision.

It estimated almost every right decision four of five.

Dr Nicholas Aletras from UCLA who led the study, “but there is a great interest on artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) do not think you can replace the near future judges or lawyers. However, the nature of artificial intelligence might be useful for the case to be detected more quickly. You can also make it easy to find cases where there is infringement by the European Court of Human Rights, “he said.

Experts in the 60s, had envisioned the consequences can be predicted through litigation in the future machines.

In the next phase of the study, said the experts will load more data into the system.

“The statements from the witnesses and lawyers also have a system to detect obstacles,” he said.

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