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Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

Roman Emperor Constantine the Great



Roman history “big” 1.Konstant the only emperor who referred to by the title, the fate of the city in the city of Istanbul has changed forever. Of course Constantine’s “big” one reason for this is not referred to as: One who adopted Christianity at the same time, allowing the first emperor to protect and spread. My little teferruatlandıral …

Gaius Flavius ​​Valerius Aurelius Constantine
Full name Gaius Flavius ​​Valerius Aurelius Constantine the writing of this great ruler in Latin; In February 272, today located within the borders of Serbia Naissus (Nis) was born in the city.

Gaius Flavius ​​Valerius Aurelius Constantine
Christian Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

Tribes due to migration and could not keep up with the changes undergoing troubled times in Rome at that time was ruled by the Tetrarchy. These two great emperor (Augusti are) connected and two young emperor will pass their place (Caesar’s) was based on a different form of government. Great Constantine’s father (Constantine Chlorus) was part of the quartet management. Constantine, was replaced by his troops after his father’s death. Shortly thereafter it took over the management of the West alone.

Absolute Lord of the Roman 1.Konstant
Empire ruled the east, Licinius, Constantine’s sister married with Flavia Julia Constantia, was trying to have going to establish kinship with stronger competitors and promise in the West. But before long civil war between the two. The reason is that the entrance was a conspiracy against Constantine and Licinius.

Chrysopolis (Üsküdar) was made about the winner of the final battle of Constantine. There was only one Emperor of Rome now: 1.Konstant in. Liscinius within 6 months before the war, and in the coming years killed his sister and nephew.

1.Konstant New Capital to Establish the Nova Roma
Constantine the Great, because of what they called the barbaric invasion of the tribes of Milan nor Rome knew what could be a safe capital of Ravenna. Moreover, the boundaries of the empire that no longer manage alone the Austrian Red Sea, stretched from Spain until the Crimea. So it had to be highly centralized and secure a metropolis.

Before Troy (Troy), which puts her mind around the Dardanelles. But already in the war in Uskudar and Kadikoy Thrace (Khalkedoni A) deployed 1.Konstant’s, is still a small town Byzantium (Byzantium), perfect location had seen with his own eyes. Therefore, it is the epicenter of trade between eastern and western noticed that Istanbul, Megara, King Byzas decided to make the capital after about 1000 years.

1.Konstant Nea Rome Build You
Near Rome
Constantine the Great Constantinople

Constantine the Great in 330 years May 11, crowned the queen of city dressing Istanbul, Rome was declared as the new capital of the whole world. Now here he would be at the heart of the east and the west. However, a quiet town in the town size, was not easy to make a capital worthy of the world’s most powerful empire. Constantine himself was interested in this process.

According to the plan prepared by Constantine the Great; Constantinople’s main street, which is just 7 a hilly city like Rome, it would be the way to Mesa. Nova Roma, Divanyolu its present name (also known as the Janissaries street) took shape on the street. Even today, the rest within the walls of the historical peninsula, we can say that it is faithful to the plan known as Constantine’s draw as the second founder of the city (as far as it is now).

During the reconstruction of the city’s new 1.Konstant; streets, roads, churches, forums, senate buildings, palaces, theaters, baths, aqueducts, cisterns, city walls and built the famous racecourse. In order to leave behind even the new capital of the Roman Empire it was brought over 4 works. These include the current Sultanahmet square and in that time the Egyptian Obelisk placed in the racetrack, located in Walled Obelisk and Serpentine Column. Konstantin Forum that bears his name, and this forum is considered as the zero point situated in the middle with Çemberlitas Million Stone are among the 1.Konstantin’s works.

These works from the Arc de Triomphe legend in Constantinople, I have discussed in detail in the Column of Constantine is writing.

Patron of Christianity Constantine the Great
1.Konstantin the western world in the “big” one reason for the title is not referred to by Constantinople. Pagan Christianity in Rome and to have maintained support is extremely important factor.

As it changed the fate of Constantinople Istanbul establishing a second time, preserving Christianity in Europe and at that time extremely modest, which has changed the fate of this religion. In fact, not only in Europe, the Slavic relations with Rome, led the Huns and other tribes also met with Christianity. So in fact we can say that today the Hungarians, the Europeans, the British, the Russians and led to the Balkan nation to be Christian, is Constantine the Great.

Edict of Milan, the Council of Nicaea and the Jesus Army
In the year 313 AD to establish 1.Konstantin Christians through the church and Licinius issued the Edict of Milan, and they were getting to the right as you get back confiscated property. the fact that this agreement was a political agreement between the two in Milan.

Constantine the Great, and in the year 325 AD in enabling reached a verdict in the controversial issue of gathering the Nicene Christianity.

Roman Christianity Icon
Coverage symbol of Christianity in the Roman Army Shield

According to the narrative Constantine, because of a dream he saw Milvia Bridge Battle (312) prior to the believers of Christianity reveres the military wants to draw a sign that period. Pagan soldiers have no chance against the generals, even as they hesitate to come first. The result of the war, the thought of Jesus was reported to be as Constantine: Arguably the victory! In this way, Constantine the Great, allows the encounter with the monotheism of the Roman army.

Helena’s mother narrated that he was baptized with Constantine, originally grown in the pagan culture, but said that under the influence of his mother. Milvia before waking dream he saw that war would be the breaking point. Although precise information about whether a Christian he has strong beliefs that he was baptized before she died.

Ultimately what whatever reason, Constantine the Great; Published the Edict of Milan, he has turned the Nicene Christianity army by collecting and inserting the religion of the empire from paganism to Christianity. Now, Jupiter, Apollo would take place, Jesus and the Virgin Mary …

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