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Rumeli Castle? What Are The Features?

Rumeli Castle? What Are The Features?



Rumeli fortress, İstanbul is among the most important historical symbols. This historic production on ordering, Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul u. Rumeli Castle is a castle, the castle was built in order to be able to use in battle.

Looking at the area we occupied the Citadel a 30,000-square-foot area. So Hall, İstanbul is built on a 30-acre field. Rumeli fortress was found with a fairly large history of functions. This function is at the beginning of the conquest of İstanbul during the Castle played a role. This castle, the maneuver during the conquest, military capabilities has been found in a quite-enhancing effect.

This castle, Fatih Sultan Mehmet in superior military strategy as a product of Yüksel ranked together, the conquest of İstanbul Rumeli Castle is one of those that can make work.
Anadolu hisari, İstanbul also and Rumeli Hisarından made before. Rumeli fortress, was built in front of the Anadolu Hisarının exactly. These two forts.

Rumeli Castle? What Are The Features?  Anadolu hisari and Rumeli Hisarlarının purpose be made for military purposes. But after the occupation of the Ottoman Empire, İstanbul is a function of these forts military sense, the u. Because it is built to conquer İstanbul Rumeli, u. Anadoluhisarı fortress defence purpose built with these two, but did not attend the conquest of İstanbul the Ottoman forts along with military functions has ended. Rumeli fortress, located on the European side on the shores of the Sarıyer district. This is the distance between the two forts, 850 meters long. Based on the distance between the two fortresses, the scientists by the narrow Strait of İstanbul Rumeli region since its inception.

Rumeli fortress built for the purpose of the war, the artistic value of this structure is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. When looking at the characteristics of this citadel architecture we first of all the 16 star sign occurred. This zodiac sign is large, 3 of them from 13 small structure. This is given to each sign are 16 names. This name comes from the name of the Commander of the period. These commanders is randomly selected. Each of these commanders, called Ben personally worked in the construction of the Citadel.

Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who also served as Chief Coordinator in the construction of the Citadel and the Citadel during the construction of their permanent employees. Due to this property, a completely different identity forms of Rumeli. Because one of the most important of the Ottoman Empire the Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul u, has lead the task as during the construction of the Citadel.

Rumeli Castle? What Are The Features?  Ru until 3 times the present day Fort should a repair. The first of the great İstanbul earthquake of this repair. This fix was completed in a short period of time. 2. Repair is 3. Selim was carried out in a timely manner. In this period repair, military reasons. 3. Repair is carried out on the orders of the Republican period, Celal Bayar. This repair was carried out for the purpose of the military is not tourism. From this period onwards, Rumeli fortress no longer is used to tourism activities. Besides, nowadays called hisar is also more concert activities.

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