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Officially, Russia Federation known as Russia, Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, dominated by a vast geography is located in such a way. Area1, 17,075,400 km² and with this feature, the title of the world’s largest country.

Russia Federation, the northern part of the Eurasian continental shelf. The Arctic Circle, and most of the surrounding region, located on the territory of Russia. People living in these areas have very little when compared with other countries, due to the very low population density per square meter is visible. In the same way, still in these regions, in the sense of economic and agricultural data remains very low. From North to South in the geographical features and actualized vegetation diversity increase can be observed.

The position of Russia, is one of the coldest countries in the world. Compared to other climates, especially during the winter months, 3 times more cold is felt. Russia’s average annual temperature of-3.4 ° c, it is approximately 22 F. But, as I mentioned earlier, is because of extensive Habitat given the geographic diversity in annual averages düşünülememektedir across all Russia. Not necessarily very different values of these values and temperatures have settlements.

Russia Info Russia’s population, approximately 141 million. A portion of this population, approximately 73%, live in cities. The remaining 27% is rural life. In addition, the Russia Federation, the world’s most populous in terms of population 8. in the case of his country.

Time zone, Russia Federation is another interesting topic. Russia used 11 different time zone, on the territory of the Federation. With this feature, so the only countries different time zones being the yayılabilmiş. the reason is that imply with 11 different time zones, simply relates to the width of the Earth as redundancy. Naturally, the Meridian differences from each other for the remaining territories far different time zones will emerge.

Russia Info According to the Constitution of the Russia Federation, the political Russia as semi-presidential model. The status of the State President of the person carrying the President title. The Prime Minister is head of Government. Management approach, multi-party and representative democracy has been adopted. In this context, the federal Government is composed of 3 main ahkhanrafiq. This erk;

* Legislative: Federal Government 2 Assembly. This Assembly consists of 450 members of the Duma Council; Federal Council maintains its existence with the 175 members. These councils are making decisions on behalf of the country. This decision, along with the war, the law or international agreements binding, such as approve or deny rights too.

* Executive: head of the armed forces and the Executive is the President. At the same time prepared for approval in the legislature from the Executive, to veto the law as too reserved.

* Russia Federation Constitutional Court, the judiciary in Turkey: Court of Appeals Court of the Supreme Court, the Court of the Council of State in our country again, similar to the Court of arbitration and the federal courts of first instance. Russian judges are assigned by the Federal Council. In addition, the appointed judges, are bound to the President Authority directly.


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