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Sage features, also known as tooth herb sage

Sage features, also known as tooth herb sage



Also known as tooth herb sage. Sage leaves are used and consumed as a tea to mask the smell of meat cooking and to get a delicious meal can also be incorporated into a piece of food.
Benefits of sage

Sage is particularly well suited for the weak to strengthen the structure falling after a disease is a herbal tea. Medicinal plants sage tea makers, one of the most resistance, weakness, muscle fatigue is also very useful in the event.

Toxins can drink a cup of sage tea a day when you want to take the body. sage with antiseptic properties at the same time is also a good expectorant.
Most people often live pharyngitis, laryngitis acts sage for treating ailments.

Sage tea is the best for those who are struggling with a persistent cough. Sage softens your throat and destroys öksürüğünüzün soon.
tea in possibibilities savior for those suffering from gas pains factors also facilitates digestion, is also very useful for stomach cramps and nausea.

At the same time, I think the greatest benefit of the sage of the biggest problems with forgetfulness of our times, the best way is known as an effective herb for memory impairment. Because the sage improves brain function and strengthens memory. Forgetfulness, lack of concentration repairing at the remarkable rate. Alzheimer’s disease is due to a protective effect of decreasing brain chemicals.
Sage features, also known as tooth herb sage  High fever acting against sage, attracts attention with its antipyretic effect as soon as possible.
Sage is also one of the most beautiful benefit of flushing the biggest complaints of women in menopause is a miracle herb that addresses their complaints. Excessive sweating and savior of women during menopause to prevent hot flashes sage.

There’s something you need to pay attention to. Sage sage yes very useful, but if you drink on an empty stomach, your blood sugar drops suddenly.
As Sage was a very warm smoked the herbal tea, sage if you have diarrhea effect is felt cold inside.

Mouth infections, you can gargle with sage if you are having dental infections. Every few days you will see that on a regular basis do they gargle sage starts to destroy infections.
Migraine and headache, you take a piece of tissue to warm sage cases, you will find cloth diapers pressing this complex if you are putting your forehead is extremely beneficial for migraines and headaches.

Sage side effects:
Sage is very useful, yes, but as a medicinal tea all the more harmful the greater sage is harmful. For example, pregnant women drinking sage is objectionable because of the risk of miscarriage.

Sage reduces breast milk breastfeeding women should not drink sage for this reason.
caution should be used to that effect to raise blood pressure.
Sage should be compiled as a herbal tea without boiling.

For example, at the sage and grass into the water to boil a few minutes after that, the color of the water is changed, remove the water inside the plant. Because if you boil water for herbal tea bitter and poisonous substances inside the plant goes into the water. Soft thick herbal tea should be prepared.

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