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Save your Damaged Hair Botox

Save your Damaged Hair Botox



Botox for hair, calming hair, moisturizes, is a wave of anti-aging system that opens and gives volume to the hair. Hair, the heat from the hair dryer, the action it deems (dyes, perms) and wear undergoes the keratin loss due to environmental factors.

In such cases, the lifeless hair, ruffled, appear dull and worn.

The hair botox operations worn, you can revive your lifeless and dull looking hair can make bright and your hair after styling time by half indirebilirsiniz.b system, electricity, without even any deal you get out of bed becomes a hair can leave the house.

Botox applications after hair coloring or shaping can make your hair as you wish.

The average length of stay in the hair for 6 months

When the conditioner after Botox process is used, the residence time in treating the hair is 5-6 months. If your hair is more than the healthy and old during that time and space will be fast.

Hair Botox stages of construction;

one. washed with pH + Clarifying shampoo.

2nd. To-bottom product is applied to the hair.

3. Wide mouth dried with easy comb hair dryer.

4. U from the bottom of a sheet is pulled tight.

5. Flattened temperature to be adjusted according to the structure of the hair afterwards.

6. Optional on the same day or next day or Moisturizing Balancing washed with shampoo.

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