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She Says It’s Better This Way; German Fountain

She Says It’s Better This Way; German Fountain



German fountain, İstanbul Sultan Ahmet square, 1. Ahmet opposite the Tomb. The fountain still works, although historic, German Emperor 2. Wilhem by İstanbul and Ottoman Sultan Sultan 1. Ahmet. German fountain, the Ottoman capital İstanbul in 1898 the GermaShe Says It's Better This Way; German Fountain n Emperor from a total of three times due to the arrival of the second, was dedicated as a souvenir. The Emperor’s visit to our country for the first time in the history of the 1889, by making the sale of German rifles, the Ottomans, the second coming of the İstanbul-Baghdad railway line, German companies received the promised to be given.

Design and Structure

All of the fountain made in Germany and in 1901 was put instead of İstanbul. Neo-Bizanten style with fountains, Interior is embellished in gold mosaics. The design of the fountain as a Special Advisor to Kaiser, architect Spitta manufacturing architect Schoele, draw. Carlitzik and Italian architects in the fountain, Joseph Antony has been featured in a variety of tasks. Supporting the Foundation of the fountain and the Hippodrome square arrangement, made by the German Government. This great piece on the prepared in Germany. All the precious stones and marble processing are made in Germany is shipped with. Construction began in 1899 and was planned to be completed on 1 September 1900. Abdul Hamid’s from this date Sul 2 25. cülüs is the date of the ceremony and the ceremony was not due to some disruptions, ETTI. German Emperor 2. Wilhem’s birthday is January 27, 1901 quite dramatically.

She Says It's Better This Way; German Fountain German fountain of structurally the appearance, the challenge in Europe in Ottoman square fountains and fountains of any unrest. There is an octagonal structure above the ground. Includes a dome on eight columns. In areas where all columns, one Medallion. In four of these medallions designed as interesting 2 and 2 in the other four of Abdul Hamid. The letter “W” and “symbol of Wilhem II” number. A very dark green color is one of the columns of the dome moved German bronze inscription.

Inscriptions and friendship messages

All bronze plate in one of the marble columns in German as “German Kaiser Wilhelm II, ruler of the Ottomans in the fall of 1898 haşmetlü Abdul Hamid II as a souvenir of the visit before Thanksgiving he made this fountain”. As written, the Ottoman in the fountain to the y Ottoman Seraskerlik Suite attendants and the writer is Muhtar Pasha by couplet-thuluth.


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