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Sightseeing 10 magnificent bridge on Earth

Sightseeing 10 magnificent bridge on Earth



Together with the development of technology, architecture has evolved in the same direction. made some bridges from the past to the present, in terms of ease of transportation should have become the symbol of the city in terms of both aesthetics. Built mathematical terms is enormous bridges, which reduces people to marvel. The newly built bridge is almost a challenge to gravity. When we examine the history in detail, we will know the importance of architecture easily.

The works reveal that until today to reach the architecture of how we have evolved to offer almost. To ensure the longevity of the bridge must be accurate calculations. Although these calculations seem easy with today’s technology, these calculations in ancient times it was not so easy. We do not see much more than the height of the bridge in prehistoric factors. close to the place of more bridges and structures can easily say that in order to ease transportation. Come, built on the world, let us examine together the most beautiful bridges.

Sightseeing 10 magnificent bridge on Earth  Gateshead Millenium Bridge – England

Bridge architecture has a magnificent visual angle. The bridge is located on both sides of the movable racks. This system made by subtracting the walking area up river traffic is not an obstacle.

Bosphorus Bridge – Turkey

Bosphorus Bridge, and Istanbul, both can be seen as a symbol of Turkey. The most important feature of the bridge, the only bridge connecting the Asian and European continents is. Bosphorus Bridge, is among the most well-known bridges in the world. Yavuz Sultan Selim with the construction of the bridge, which connects Europe and Asia, it will be more of a bridge.

Sightseeing 10 magnificent bridge on Earth  Helix Bridge – Singapore

The most important feature of the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic. Bridges can be used only for pedestrians. Bridges in particular, have a great view and it’s dark, made lighting system.

Alamillo Bridge – Spain

The bridge was built in 1992. The purpose of making the bridge passes through the city to host the Expo. At the fair, the historic voyage of Christopher Columbus, 500 third year was celebrated. Therefore, the bridge is known by to witness history.

Banpo Bridge – South Korea

Bridge is located in Seoul. The most important feature of the bridge is about 200 tons of water per minute from the spray holes 10 thousand. Banpo Bridge, has a great beauty in terms of visuals. of locals and tourists it has attracted great interest. gushing waters from the bridge on both sides, it constitutes a unique frame for photographers.

Millau Viaduct – France

Millau Viaduct, became notorious in the world with the height. Bridge detekle that there are two giant feet. The height of the foot is 323 meters. Millau Viaduct is 23 meters taller than the Eiffel Bridge. Millau Viaduct is a challenge to gravity, forcing mathematical limits.

Sightseeing 10 magnificent bridge on Earth  Hangzhou Bay Bridge – China

The bridge is the world’s longest transoceanic structure. Birba connecting Ningbo and Shanghai to Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which attracts attention with its architecture.

Coronado Bridge – USA

Coronado Bridge, the most beautiful bridge in the United States in 1970 with the election became notorious. The bridge is used today. Bridges strategic point of transportation was much relieved. Thus, highly preferred for transport by humans.

Sunniberg Bridge – Switzerland

International Bridge and Structural Engineering Institute in 2001, the title of the world’s most beautiful bridge has Sunniberg Bridge. Bridge is almost a work of art and architecture in terms of visuals. The night lighting of the bridge, the locals and tourists attracted great interest and admiration.

Khaja Bridge – Iran

Khaja is based on the history of the bridge is very old. The bridge was built in 1650. Bridge offers a spectacular architectural visualizations with. Today, water is used to me, and transportation. Bridges reflects the historic architectural features. He made works that manifest itself in between periods, one of the few bridges. Bridge building blocks processed, and given an artistic look.
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