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Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad

Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad



Among the countries that the world will visit, there is no doubt that the name of Russia is also known. Moscow and St. Petersburg Outside of Petersburg, too, there is no known Russian city. But there is such a city belonging to Russia that Russia is not dependent on Russia’s mainland, that is, with a piece of land, Russia is not connected to Europe, and Europe continues to exist as a coastal city. Kaliningrad is the only Russian land in Europe.

Kaliningrad city, located in the literature as the westernmost point of Russia, is a neighbor with Poland and Lithuania. Trains, land and air are available from both countries. Some private vessels can be reached by sea and also to the city.

Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad The population of the city, which is a Russian land with its coastline of the Baltic Sea and its border with Russia, is about 450.000. The local time is 2 hours behind Russia, but all official hours are based on Moscow. The city, which is known as the Königsberg by the Germans, received the name Kaliningrad by the Russians. On both sides meaning, Kingdom of the City. The famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant In grave is also in this city. Kaliningrad does not provide a very modern city view with its old buses and trams. However, this is not only a special application to Kaliningrad, but it is possible to encounter the same scenery in all the cities of Russia except a few major cities. There are sculptures and historical buildings to be seen everywhere in the city. Lenin and Kant sculptures, war memorials, underwater museums, the great cathedral, the Amber Museum and many other tourist attractions.

Immanuel Kant, one of the icons of the city, and the grave are one of the most known and frequented spots. Kant is a renowned philosopher who has put forward studies and ideas about the necessity of science to be objective and impartial by bringing forward knowledge theory. As a matter of fact, the people of Kaliningrad are proud of themselves. The grave is on an island with the cathedral right beside it. It is possible to reach this island by crossing over one of the many bridges of the city.

Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad Another city icon is the Amber Museum. The center of the world in yellow-red-orange stones known as amber stone is Kaliningrad tir. It is an important tourist attraction of the region, with its stones remaining from ancient times, as well as fossils of bugs and insects.

There are many historic gates in the city. One of them is the historical building, known as the Gate of Queen, where the new wives visit the ceremonies. The three men on top of the building represent the Prussian and German kings of the time. When the architecture of the city is examined, many hollow buildings in the middle of the building attract attention. This architectural style is a feature of the Germans and can be seen widely throughout the city. Another important center is Kant University. There is Balıkçılar Village on the opposite side of the university. On the other side, there is an open air museum where war remains are found.

Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad

The climate is also a strange city. It is the point at which rainfall can fall at any moment every minute, in this sense an unbalanced situation. Although its weather is not very hard, there is a climate in which rainfall is frequent. In general, as mentioned above, German architecture dominates. There are old, but fascinating constructions. In the city, which is a busy German era in the past, the language most spoken after Russian is German. In English, however, there is little to speak of except for some young people who have studied. The city’s train station is in the city center and has quite developed routes. Trams and municipal buses are the first choice in urban transportation. In general, there is no tourist information point in the city. It is also a fact that a foreigner may have problems in terms of communication and transportation in the city because of the limited number of English speakers.

Single Russian Land in Europe: Kaliningrad Due to the use of Cyrillic Alphabet by Russians, the people who are accustomed to Latin letters, the signs in the city are interesting and unusual. So many famous brands are written in Cyrillic Alphabet. For example, McDonalds signposts are special to the Russians. This can be interpreted in two different perspectives. The first idea is that the big brands of capitalism have succeeded in entering into their own alphabets, even to countries that are too hard against them; The other idea is that the Russians do not compromise their tongues for whatever reason.

In socio-economic terms, Kaliningrad, which is not much different from a middle-class European city, market prices are not very different from normal. It is also possible to find many brands or companies in the city. For the transition to Russian territory, the Turks are not required to have a visa. There are no obstacles in front of the travel of Russia or Turks, who do not grant visa-free access to citizens of the European Union except for certain special circumstances. As a matter of fact, our citizens who are interested in cities with historical depth are advised to visit the Kaliningrad city in this direction, in terms of geopolitical structure and location.


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