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Slovakia Info

Slovakia Info



Slovakia, the location is a country located in Central Europe. Located in the South of Poland. As its name implies, the former Czechoslovakia remained standing as part of the State.

Slovakia, 48,845 km² area, consists of part of a territory. Its immediate neighbours Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine are the countries. In this context, there is a limit of a total of 1,355 km-long terrestrial. Slovakia reported any landlocked. Slovakia climate, generally mild climate. Continental climate, which bears traces of this land, summers are warmer, winters are cold, cloudy and humid. Area region climate differences can be seen around the country.

Slovakia Info  Central region of the country and in the North of the mountains, while the southern regions are lowlands. Slovakia is the lowest point of the Bodrok River and is 94 meters altitude. Altitude of the country is the peak point, Gerlachovsky Stit is the top and height of 2,655 meters. A country known for its mountainous terrain Slovakia, especially the half of the country on the Carpathians, covering. Between the mountain ranges of the Carpathian Mountains, Tatra mountains high peaks. In the North, near the border with Poland in the country, highlights, along with numerous lakes and valleys. Tuna, Vah and Hron rivers, the most important river of Slovakia and Central Europe are some of the most interesting. In some parts of the country, while the river TISA Hungary border on.

Slovakia Info  Is the historical sense, Slovakia, which originally housed many event lands, their Visages as important as the establishment of the past. Austria – Hungary Empire after World War I with the fall, Slovakia, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and the territory of Carpathian Rohatyn combined with long-term reputation with the Czechoslovakia’s name has become a country. This combination, in 1918. Political sense is very important during World War II. The fate of the World War II, Slovakia. The start of the war, followed by Slovakia, in agreement with Nazi Germany from Czechoslovakia. on May 9, 1945, with the help of Soviet and American troops and terminated the occupation of Czechoslovakia is United again. Into the hands of the Communist Government since 1948 with administrators, 41 years, Czechoslovakia for a while has taken its place among the countries of the Eastern Bloc.

January 5, 1968 at a political liberalization at Alexander Dubcek, management also has taken the first steps of the period. Prague Spring’s name replaces in the literature with this sequence of events, the country of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact occupation led to müttefiklerince. in November 1989 the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution, a bloodless revolution property together with the country’s conception of capitalism to be included in the scene.

Eventually, on 1 January 1993, Czech Republic and Slovakia with the names of the two territories were allocated to the country, without wars end. Since then in both countries made drastic changes in the economic sense. On March 29, 2004 in Slovakia was involved in NATO, in the European Union on 1 May 2004 has become a member.


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