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Solution to Hair Loss Cure Walnut Shell

Solution to Hair Loss Cure Walnut Shell



Men often live up to the problem of hair loss in women. It receives support from herbal cures to see no benefit from many of the drugs.

Nutshell course also very useful in hair loss cure. But you really need to use herbal formulas are not necessarily going to work regularly.

Nutshell course of preparation

20-walnut shells (brown hard shell with the outer part) 1 liter of water and boil for 10-15 minutes. Wash obtained walnut shell with water twice a day every day, morning and evening, including hair.

Experience it as soon as you stop hair loss when applied regularly.

NOTE– you need to do this cure for at least three weeks. You may not have the same effect on every person, please cure this application without consulting your family doctor.

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