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Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018



 Spain Travel Guide and Travel Tips

Spain Travel Guide

I have started dreaming to sail to this dream country as soon as the last Italy ends. In fact, I had a Spain-Portugal trip in my plan. But Spain was such a big and beautiful country! I soon realized that my annual leave would not be enough to discover both.

Spain Trip Notes

The biggest problem I faced when planning my trip to Spain was that direct flights to Spain were very expensive. Turkish Airlines and Iberia Airlines, which have direct flights to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​were able to travel at very exorbitant prices.

I thought it would be a waste to pay a thousand pounds of money for just one flight, knowing how well my friends in Europe traveled with companies such as Ryan Air, German Wings, EasyJet, Myair and Corendon. Because it is possible to fly much cheaper, spend a budget trip to beautify. Only a little time and energy would have to be sacrificed.

Since I was going to use alternative airline companies, I was looking at transferring; then I had to fly to an alternate route. As a result, I decided to break the route to Seville, the pupil of Andalusia, the farthest point of the trip. I knew very well that I made the right decision during the journey.

Barcelona's Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Cathedral

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018


Spain Travel Guide and Travel Tips

Getting Started in Spain

I left Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen on the 18th of August with the flight of Myair aircraft company. So I made the start of the trip that lasted 17 days. When I was in Italy, it was around eight o'clock in the evening. I will fly to Seville by Ryanair this time at 6:00 am Sabah counter. I decided to stay in Bergamo, a small town in the Orio El Serio airfield, to spend time. I was in Italy a year later! I can say that I felt like the airport got down to Bergamo and walked up to the foot of the city. I was going to stop a movie I watched so much and take something to drink, and I came back. When I hit the "Play" button again, I found myself in that warm, intimate atmosphere … Again the same set of movies, the same background and the same extras. You're the lead. Because this is my real dream and my life has found my life. A brand new trip was about to begin. (See Italy Travel Writings)

Flight from Bergamo to Sevilla

I was in a small but charming hotel in Bergamo trying to improve itself from the point of view of the tourist … I left immediately after leaving my belongings. I took a few tours in the streets of this small, calm and tidy city and I was drinking Italian air. I sat in one of the Patisseria lined up on the road. This little room had tables on the floor that would give customers the opportunity to watch everybody passing by on that hot summer evening. As I sat down and sipped my beer, I was watching the Italians who loved to fall into the streets in the evening. I drank that moment when I was eating my food. I scraped the memory and kept it until I poured these lines. Because the time in Italy was very limited this time. "Dear Italy! This time, sadly, you remain only my transfer stop. I am a witness to the god of the sea in the glorious Trevi fountain Neptune that I will come again to see you! "

Only a few hours of sleeping at the hotel was filled with sabotage at 04:00 am. I took my bags and returned to the airport. I was flying for the first time with Ryanair. I heard many of the cheap airline companies that Methi ventured from the area without making a delay even for a minute of piranha Ryanair. I was very pleased with this company that I used for my return flight from Barcelona to Milan. I am sure that this company will also include Istanbul among the countless European cities it flies; Turkish travelers will be free to travel a lot different rovers.

I leave footsteps in Seville and leave it to other writings. In this entry, I would like to give you general information based on my impressions about Spain. After this, I will publish articles describing my trips to Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona.

General information about the history of Spain

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in Europe with its hot character. People who like to spend time in the streets of Spain, have fun, spend time in the streets till late hours. The Spaniards spend their time eating, spending the evening in the streets, sipping delicious Sangria in various Tapas bars. People are comfortable, carefree and lively.

Map of Andalusia

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018 Map of Spain's Andalucia Region

Cities of Andalusia Seville, Cordoba and Granada

Spain is a country where nature is generous … Wide beaches, rich cuisine and characteristic features attract attention. Since the southern part of Spain has been under the influence of Muslim Arabs for hundreds of years, a large-scale hybrid culture is bouncing. This culture, which the Spaniards also own, must be observed in the southern provinces of Andalusia. Spanish-Christian architectural style added to the ornate architectural style of the Arabs – a mix of strong Jewish presence in these cities – brought forth a hybrid style called Mudejar. At the top of the works we can see with this naked eye are the palaces in Seville, Cordoba and Granada, and the glass, which is then turned into a church.

Andalusia attracts us as a magnet with this architectural style that is not so foreign to us and the nest of warm flamenco culture. I think this region should definitely be visited, which I think is not very popular among Turkish travelers.

Seizing of Granada City by Isabel and Ferdinand

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018 A chart depicting Francisco Pradilla's fall of Granada. The last Andalusian Emiri is delivering the key of the city to Isabel and Ferdinand.

Isabel & Ferdinand And Reconquista

The Spaniards are adopting the Arab influence … But they also respect Isabel I, who led the union of Catholic Spain to Araplar by marrying Aragonian prince Fernando in 1469. As a matter of fact, the gathering of a single flag with the marriage of Isabel, the Castile of Spain, and Ferdinand, the Aragonian prince, in separate kingdoms until the 15th century, opened the way for the Arabs to be liquidated from Spain.


The return of all the territory of Catholic Spain from the Arabs takes place in 1492, when Granada, the last castle, falls. Because of this respect for Isabel all over the country, sculptures and bridges were attributed to him. The ups and downs of the famous artist, Granada, reflected on the paintings of the last Nasri sultan XI.Muhammed, who handed the key to the city's Isabel and Fernando.

The Assignment of Christopher Columbus for the Discovery of the New World

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018

Christopher Columbus's footsteps over Caribbean Caribbean

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018

Christof Colomb and the Discovery of the New World

As a matter of fact, Isabel does not get his reputation from defeating only Arabs. Isabel is a person who indirectly directs the discovery of America. Let's turn the story a little bit. Famous sailor explorer Christopher Columbus 15th century. claims that it can reach India, a very important commercial center in the end, by continuously following the sea route from the west. To fulfill this purpose, Colomb, who must receive government support, first appeals to the king of Portugal II.John; but is rejected. He decides to apply to Isabel and Fernando. After a long struggle he succeeds in getting support from Spain.

In 1492, the year Granada fell, Colomb settled on the American continent, thinking of India as the place where Colomb was. San Salvador gives the first name he sees. The locals there are called Hinliler. The day that day, America is known as indians, Indians. Unfortunately, this great discovery we read with great enthusiasm on the stage of history; It has laid the groundwork for the destruction of great native civilizations within America. This topic will be discussed in more detail in my Sevilla writing.

Parasol Craftwork exhibited at Goya's Prado Museum

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018 The most famous painter of Spain, Goya's Parasol named chart (Prado Museum, Madrid)

Golden Age of Spanish Art

The wealth from the new continent leads to a golden age in Spain. Spain becomes the shining star of Europe. In this era when the Austrian Habsburg dynasty is beginning to rule, painters such as Valazquez, El Greco and writers such as Cervantes … Spain … You can look at the paintings of this period painters from the Prado Museum

Sadly, the riches of new plots are consumed in the battlefields of Catholic Spain. The dynasty goes to the French Bourbon. During this period, the period of III.Carlos king again is a strong period. The sculpture of III.Carlos is in the heart of Madrid at the Puerta Del Sol, which means today the sun square.

Dictator Franco And The Spanish Civil War

Subsequent I and II. The republican era has its place in the civil war, and the civil war in the tough government of a dictator named Franco. Franco, the precedent of Mussolini and Hitler, raises blood on the minorities in the country. The Catalans, who are proud of their roots and tongues, are executed afterwards only because they speak their own tongues. A monument that symbolizes these times of bitterness is rising in Catalonia's heart today in Barcelona.

The prospect of Spain is that Juan Carlos, who Franco declared as his successor, has been working for a bright and demoralized Spain. The way to liberal, modern and free Spain, which we know today, has come to the forefront of Europe was opened in 1975 by the death of Franco.

Antoni Gaudi's Casa Mila Civil Architecture Masterpiece Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain Travel Guide and Travel Advice 2018 Antoni Gaudi's "Casa Mila" in Barcelona,

Modern Spain

Modern Spain, on the other hand, even architects like Salvador Dali, magnificent painters such as Pablo Picasso, and modernism volunteer of Barcelona, ​​such as Antoni Gaudi.

I have compiled this short history of Spain to prepare the ground for the knowledge of other writings, the city of travel in Spain, the city of travel. I hope you will like it.

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