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Spring Dura Den with this food to fatigue!

Spring Dura Den with this food to fatigue!



Take advantage of the sunny weather all the time.

Seasonal transition of the resulting fatigue, weakness, pessimism prevents situations such as live spree spring. Spring is one of the most effective solution to the fatigue comes when you consume the right foods.

The best snack sweet but harmless palm

Palm is a source of potassium and especially energy, are the main food gratifying. It contains many vitamins and minerals with palm will provide a feeling of satiety as well as desserts to satisfy your needs. Dates do not spend individually consume many palm blender, you can palm the ball, and you can create yourself between meals enjoyable.

And burns fat as well as calmness

This period should be particularly avoided caffeine and other stimulants food. Coffee and black tea is very calming and regulatory rather than white or herbal teas are considered. In particular, jasmine, lemon balm and chamomile blend teas as well as calmness and peace to body and affect fat burning.

2 times more water against spring fatigue

During this period, 2 times to remove the water consumption is very useful against spring fatigue. Water, also inhibiting the body’s allergic edema collection for situations that may occur in the spring. A day at least 3 liters of water consumption spring fatigue and inability to sleep at night from a chronic condition will also help in the morning wake up to the problem.

Depressive mood strawberries, bananas cramps are like drugs

Strawberries with a high content of vitamins and minerals, low in calories and nutrition plan with the energizing effect can take place frequently. More than 3 days a week, there is no objection to consume up to 20 days. Strawberries are also located on the fat burning benefits. It eliminates the depressed state of the aphrodisiac effect and gives happiness. However, the high potassium content of bananas, is effective for the release of the happiness hormone serotonin we say. Bananas also has a feature anti-spasm and cramps.

The stock of vitamin D against depression

The content of vitamin D, especially among the foods that can help reduce symptoms of depression in the spring comes from foods that are high. Milk and dairy group, fish and eggs and energizing both are among the foods to keep away from the depression in the spring. Every morning, boiled or fried egg consumption, at least 3 times a week grilled or baked fish consumption helps to overcome the mildest form of this period. oats for snacks, fruit and dairy foods are mixed with the help of both the receipt and storage of vitamin D in the milk group.

essential vitamins for the brain and eyes

High content of omega 3 salmon, vitamin D helps in storage also contributes to receipt of the necessary vitamins and minerals as well as the brain and eyes. Besides cooked and raw vegetables consumed in the oven or grilled salmon suggested, it will be particularly helpful in the secretion of serotonin.

Nuts and include a meal in your pineapple

Every morning relieve the eye consume 1-2 pieces of walnut and protect the brain cells and the nervous system. Walnuts also feature the anti-depression levels. Day 2 slices can store energy that will be needed during the day with pineapple. of fiber and vitamin C can be consumed fairly high rate of fat burning and helps pineapple every day.

Dark chocolate has a relationship to happiness

Made studies show that; Consumed in a balanced manner and supports high cocoa content dark chocolate a real fat burning, it gives energy and helps release the hormone of happiness. Attention needs to be a balanced amount of dark chocolate is consumed.

Sunny weather to take advantage of every moment

Take advantage of every moment of sunny weather. Every day you walk at least 30 minutes for yourself will make you feel more alive in the spring term. Moving and being active, all the stress during this period and help the destruction of sloth. At least 3 days a week, will provide an orderly way to do sports in weight control.

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