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Super Fat Burning Food: Kale | Diet Articles

Super Fat Burning Food: Kale | Diet Articles



What are the benefits of the castle?

You need to lose weight healthy and quick to embrace the wonders nature has to offer. Very popular in America, and the new plant in Turkey known castle, stretched out full length up to balancing blood sugar helps to lose weight with superb benefits.

What is the castle plant?

Cabbage and cruciferous plant from the family castle, similar to kale in appearance, but the content is different in terms of flavor and texture. With the same name in Turkey is sold in organic markets.

How to weaken the castle plant?

100 grams 30 calories and 2 grams of fiber, 91% of which is water castle. At the same time, in other words, preventing fat storage ‘hypolipidemic’ is an agent. This feature serves to increase fat excretion from the intestine and allowing the use of cholesterol to bile new production. Thus some of the dietary fat reduction is provided at the level of LDL cholesterol excreted from the body. High calcium also helps support the inclusion of weight loss by accelerating the fat burning process.

Castle of what is good for plants?

It protects against cell damage in the vitamin content and slows the aging process, provides elasticity of the skin and protective eye health. Together with the antioxidant vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A also contains a high amount. Antiinflamu property which contains omega-3 fatty acids, so the arteries, ALZEIHMER is protective against diseases such as IBS. The sulfur content is protective against various cancers. Low carb and high fiber content of the blood sugar extends the full length by providing the balance, helps weight loss by increasing bowel movements.

Who can consume the castle plant?

Healthy living, those who want to strengthen the immune system, high cholesterol, those with family history of cardiovascular disease, and people who want to lose weight can consume. Both in the structure of vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, so iron is to be both a good source of iron for vegetarians. It is also a food that can be consumed as easily as those vegan sources of calcium because they contain calcium.

Castle of how plants are consumed?

Both can be consumed raw as well as cooked. It can be used raw in salads and smoothies. Boiled water causes loss of vitamins and minerals instead of steaming boiled, cook vegetables in the form of food or avoiding losses made up of soup. If dry beans or egg together fort’s high vitamin C consumed by utilizing the body’s utilization of iron in these foods is facilitated, which is iron deficiency anemia and vegetarians should consume in this way. saturated fatty acid content when consumed as meat in the meat must be thrown without being absorbed an amount of unhealthy oils high.

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