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Sweden’s geographical location and Properties

Sweden’s geographical location and Properties



Sweden Sweden, who found the authenticity as in Sverige is officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige). Geo-location, located on a peninsula in Northern Europe with Scandinavia. From the West to the border of his country’s neighbors, Sweden and Norway from the North, while the East Finland. Sweden, in addition to their neighbors south of the border and the Öresund bridge with the passage known as Denmark ‘, or reclining.

Sweden, as approximately 450,000 Area1 km². With this feature, Sweden, European Union countries, the third largest in terms of the face between the measurement has the title of the country.

The total population of the country of Sweden, is about 22 million. The population density is around 20 people per square kilometre is expressed by the lowering. But, at this point to be mentioned is the population density refers to the South, the information significantly increases.

Approximately 85% of the people of Sweden%, live in urban areas. The capital of Sweden, is also the biggest city in Sweden in Stockholm. Stockholm is more than the population of 1.3 million people lived in the countryside and in the light of the knowledge of the approx. 2 million people can be expressed. Sweden ‘ of other big cities is the second largest city of Göteborg and the ensuing Malmö.

Sweden's geographical location and Properties  Sweden is in political life far from the tension and a modern management approach. The parliamentary system and constitutional monarchy governed by Sweden, a country with a highly developed country in terms of the economy. Accordingly, The Economist Democracy Index of the first row of this chart, ‘ what, Sweden, the United Nations ‘ human development index ‘ seventh of the whole list according to what is during. In addition to this information, as of January 1, 1995, of Sweden, is a European Union country, data also revealed.

Sweden, as the history is quite an interesting history. Since the middle ages, independent and one country is Sweden, with central management system in the modern sense first of 16. century has been met. King Gustav Vasa period, significant in this sense is a person. 17. expanding the country’s main purpose in the 21st century is indicated in the form of Sweden Empire build. Despite this, except the lands of Scandinavia, conquered a large part of the place, 18. and 19. was removed or disposed of in the century died.

Sweden's geographical location and Properties

For example today, Sweden had to leave the territory of the eastern part of Finland, was captured by Russia in 1809. is the war that took place in Sweden in 1814 entered the last war. The reason for this war, the western neighbor of Sweden output Norway, as a single country with the aim to combine his behavior. Sweden enters the final battle in 1814 dated since Sweden, impartiality and herding his peace policy, resulting in no and not entered the war was followed by a quiet external relations policy.

Sweden, where the latitude is located in the same latitude as Siberia. But in spite of that, as the climate temperate and relatively soft has a climate. In Sweden, all four seasons throughout the year significantly, while the soft weather events easily. North country Sweden, geographical structure from welded, divided into three different climate zones. Ocean climate in the region in the southern part, the humid continental climate in the central part and North scatopsid flies, climate, climate and their smart. A very interesting of Sweden, located on the same latitude with its own, sometimes even latitude as its settlements that are lower than the milder and softer.

Sweden's geographical location and Properties

The total population of the country, Sweden, is a country governed by a parliamentary monarchy. King XVI. Karl Gustaf, although at the beginning of the country, as official representative in the sense that it is not too much authority. Although in the country although a monarchical symbols and management approach, most of the research is a democratic country of Sweden can be seen fairly.


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