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Tennis What, How to Play?

Tennis What, How to Play?



Many people evaluate both leisure stay both healthy and doing sports in order to lose weight. In particular, women are almost always attach importance to a healthy and fit body for the sport. Tennis is also among these sports.

Many women are playing tennis in our country, both to lose weight in order to stay healthy and fit body. How to play tennis, and what are the effects, especially among the sports questions they were curious people will start for the first time.

In fact, 2 people can be made between the sport played in 4 people with the 2’şerl teams. this game as a sport played in a field that both Courts name is actually a game.

Due to such a person it does not feel like playing sports games and sport as they get bored bored. Is a game that can be bet with a tennis racket and balls. This sport while running the body’s location also allows you to play many games.

What is the purpose of tennis?

In fact, after learning to play once the rules of the game is to beat your opponent you face the very purpose of enjoying the sport of tennis. Your opponent can not react to the ball you would have eaten at your number. In this way, it would have won the game reached the maximum number.

Effects of Weight Loss’s Tennis

Approximately 1 hour to play tennis you will burn 230 calories. If you want to make the sport of tennis to lose weight you must remember that you must absolutely regular and meticulous work.

In addition, losing weight is not just about the sport of tennis you do what you do not support this structure can not lose weight with healthy sports nutrition and diet. Your body because you can not play tennis at the same time during the game as if bored doing sports. It is also among the positive effects of tennis.

Your body made tennis a sufficient speed and order will lead to more fat burning. In addition, 20 minutes after the start burning body fat begins to sports and tennis also allows you to burn fat for a long time because it is a sport that was made a long time. We advise you to lose weight is probably going to play tennis playing tennis with a minimum of 3 days per week and at least 2 hours recording.

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