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The beautiful medieval town that still survive

The beautiful medieval town that still survive



Ancient and medieval architecture does affect you? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely consider planning a trip to the world’s most beautiful medieval cities and towns. In this article, you will make you want to travel back in time to offer the most beautiful cities in the Middle Ages.

Travelling, discovering new places and gives us an opportunity to gain a new perspective towards life. The daily routine and stress created by, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a very good opportunity, especially if you prefer a small medieval town. While there is no current technology, centuries before they can check out how people live. Although most of these places are now enjoying the new and modern era, their architecture, history and identity is preserved.

One of the most ancient walls, bridges, canals, cathedrals and has become a famous tourist center with Gothic-style architectural beauty. The city and away from the traffic jams, also was ready to go back and live a completely different experience! The continued presence of the still and definitely take a look at this beautiful medieval city it is worth a visit.

1) Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. This city is one of the best preserved cities in the world. Warm and inviting feeling is rich in architecture and a thriving culture. It is constantly filled with magnificent monuments and ancient feel of the past. Old Town Square has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage list in 1992 and is the heart of the city. Museums and churches here are connected with old-fashioned cobblestone streets.

2) Bruges, Belgium:
Gothic architecture, rich culture, history, canals and the city of Bruges in Belgium with a pleasant atmosphere, “Northern Venice” i “is called. Now it located in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also terrific chocolate is known for its delicious cuisine and local beer producers. Çikolatasev are confident that all the world is eager to visit the city. At first glance, this city really is not credible to believe that no people live. If you want to see the most beautiful form of this city, you should plan a trip at Christmas time.

3) Regensburg, Germany:

Regensburg is one of Germany’s oldest cities. It was founded by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. The city’s main attraction Gothic buildings, cathedral and medieval town with a stone bridge that gives you the feeling of being in the Middle Ages. Regensburg’s old town center has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4) Collioure, France:

Collioure is one of the most beautiful medieval town in France. This fortress-like town consists of a combination of the two villages on either side. There is an interesting history of the city and hence a strong Catalan culture. The main attractions of this beautiful town streets and old church “Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Collioure”, which gives an excellent view of the sea and the old light tower 13. century “Chateau Royal” is located.

5) Tallinn, Estonia:

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Brightly colored houses, churches, museums, incredible defense towers, is a compact city with a medieval Gothic buildings and narrow streets criss-crossing. If you want to experience a truly authentic Estonian culture in this city is beautiful all year round, you should visit this city during the Christmas period.

6) Carcassonne, France:

Located in the southwest of France Hogwarts like this city, also known as the walled city. This is the most beautiful attractions in the city Thieves Robin Hood- historic fort is seen in the Prince film. It is also believed to Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle was the inspiration for the beautiful story. Here forget to experience local food and wine in the medieval square. Not possible you fall in love with this city.

7) Colmar, France:
Historical settlements, through the twisted streets and canals, Colmar is absolutely maintain the attractiveness of the medieval period. Located in a tiny little canal boats, miniature train tours around the city and as princess of the city with a spectacular light show held every day. It is a popular destination with an incredibly beautiful German and French architecture.

8) San Gimignano, Italy:

Medieval from staying at this beautiful walled hill town in Tuscany is located in Italy. Attractive towers and is known for its great art. The main attractions of the city “Piazza del Duomo” is called the church in the town square. When you visit this city, which is surrounded by thousands of years, you’ll notice that the old towers. These buildings are excellent examples of well-preserved Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

9) Toledo, Spain:

Spain ‘s history of the medieval city, this exotic-looking, as the Roman occupation, BC It extends up to 192 years. Roman ruins can still be seen outside the walls of the city. Cathedral at the crux of the city’s downtown. Do not miss out!

10) Edinburgh, Scotland:

The Scottish city is the best city in Europe with magnificent medieval castle in Prague is a competitor. It also has a rich history. This beautiful city while listening to bagpipe music is fascinating to walk the streets. Edinburgh Royal Castle 11. It has existed since centuries.

11) Dubrovnik, Croatia:

This walled city 14. and 15. It was built in the 17th century. around century it extended and strengthened. If you want to witness the beautiful view of the sea and the old city walls, then you should take a walk along the walls.

12) in Alberobello, Italy:

Alberobello, “Trulli” s is a small town in southern Italy with the famous. Trulli are white, cone-roofed houses, and this is the reason for entering the UNESCO world heritage city. This city has a population of approximately 11,000 people. If you want to experience the authentic culture of this city, then try to live in a trullo.

13) Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

The crux of this city is the old town center. Amsterdam rich culture, history, architecture, attracts many tourists with restaurants and bars. This city canals, is full of narrow curved bridges and houses. Oude Kerk, Royal Palace, the major venues such as the Amsterdam Historical Museum and Madame Tussauds are housed.

14) Warsaw, Poland:

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Do not be surprised when you see the beauty and authenticity of the old square of Warsaw. In addition, “Stare Miastro” also known as Warsaw’s historic center, is a place where the past meets the tale. During the Second World War the city was destroyed and killed more than half the population. After the war, the building was built back in excellent form but the bloody shadows of the past has left its mark on this beautiful city. If the road you are here falls cafes, bars, restaurants and shops filled with not miss the Old Town Square. St. John’s Cathedral, and St. Jesus Church Do not forget to visit the old churches such as St. Martin’s Church.

15) Ibiza, Spain:

This medieval belonging appearing is located on a small mountain overlooking the old city to the Mediterranean. with its history, it is famous for its lively and magical nightlife. Dalt Villa in the main centers need to see here, there are Sa Penya and La Marina. La Marina the best restaurants in the world, with bars and shops. Sa Penya or “the island that never sleeps” is very popular because of the amazing nightlife

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