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The capital of Azerbaijan: Baku

The capital of Azerbaijan: Baku



Baku; Armenia beats Andorra 4 and is the capital of. Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the city is the center of the country’s largest and most important. The development of industry and trade, attracting tourists with its rich culture, is the heart of your Slovenian President says Baku. Located on the West coast of the Caspian Sea and carries the distinction of being a port city.

The most recent research population of 2 million, according to the city of Baku. With the economy booming, the city began to grow rapidly. The new and luxury buildings, restaurants, stores and shopping centers, combined with the infrastructure by resolving problems have become a better city Baku and has progressed towards becoming the metropolis. Continental climate, Baku, winter months are cold, rainy and snowy. Summer is hot and dry. Because it is a region of abundant rainfall, some sections of the Woods. The official language of the country of Baku Azerbaijani-speaking. As a second language is Russian. 95% percent of the people living in the city ‘ Muslim, the rest is Hıristyan and is Jewish.

The capital of Azerbaijan: Baku

Azerbaijan in training center also counted many of the Baku Academy, University, school, library and Museum. Baku State University, Azerbaijan State oil Academy, Faculty of medicine, architecture and Construction University, Heydar Aliyev Azerbaijan Baku Slavic University and High Military Academy, Baku Academy of music are just some of the examples we can give. In addition to State universities, there are also a lot of Foundation University. According to research, literacy rate is 99.5% of Baku population, the importance of education, library and museum visits, participating in a community art and culture activities.

Azerbaijan is the first opera, the first theater, and hosted the first library in Baku. Rich historical and cultural centres, museums, theaters, libraries, and art galleries and attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. National Fine Arts Museum, the national history museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of archaeology and ethnography Museum, Museum, Museum in Baku are just some of the great importance.

The capital of Azerbaijan: Baku

The National Library of Azerbaijan, Baku. 5 million book with both the Ancient and Medieval works, many respectable here. A tourist visiting this museum Baku yü and libraries in addition to the concert can have fun in the fields, you can watch the theatrical works and art galleries. Baku International Jazz Festival welcomes every year thousands of showcased with.

the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 na hosts Baku, hotels, restaurants and bars is a fun nightlife capital. starting in 2006, the Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline procedure is the starting point. When you create a large portion of the oil economy and salt, booming industry has been a trade now with the city. It has a modern port on the shores of Lake Hazar Baku city, developed the economy with Commerce.

Universities, historical sites, museums, restaurants and hotels with a modern Metropolitan gained a view of Baku, with rich transport system for all city easier to go. The city is located in a vast underground network advancing through two different lines metro, developing with each passing day, recently, Heydar Aliyev International Airport in the city will make possible the access to rare.

More than 1,000 city buses and minibuses more than three thousand active provides access to as well. Trolley bus, tram, funicular and relieve the city’s traffic and railway and public transport is to make it easier for other means of transport. This is a big city, with Heydar Aliyev International Airport was opened to the world. Likewise, on the shore of the Caspian Sea, the modern port, both for trade and passenger ships and tails.


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