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The capital of Russia: Moscow

The capital of Russia: Moscow



Moscow, the capital of Russia, works of architecture and is a world-renowned city with metro network. In the city centre, hosts more than 10 million inhabitants. The Moscow river, including the cities of the world, has hosted many important organization. One of the world’s most expensive city is famous for its advanced architecture of Moscow. The most intensive in the world and has the most extensive network with City subway system, is a city of the rich.

Moscow; Oka and Volga rivers, extending between Russia is situated in the Centre of Europe is built on the land. Climate is moderate continental climate. The coldest months of the year in winter-10 degrees observed, the hottest months of summer is around 20 degrees. But in winter-20 degrees can be felt in days, and in the summer, the days are over of 30 degrees.

The capital of Russia: Moscow  Moscow, Russia is the most important to culture, sports, education and art centres. in 1980, the summer Olympics, is world-famous in 2009 hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Russia is the first higher education institution of the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy in Moscow. At the same time, Russia’s oldest and is dated to the year 1755, the well-established State University. This offers an excellent education, training and science is appreciated. Literacy rate is very high.

Both boarding and regular schools, high schools, pre-school educational institutions, libraries, academies and public libraries are rich in numerous State and Foundation University of Moscow. Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs Economic Academy, Russia Plehob, Russia State Humanities University, school of Aviation, Linguistic University, Institute of Cinematography and the National Nuclear Research University, Gerasimov which are just some of the examples.

The capital of Russia: Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre, red square, Moscow State circus, opera houses, many museums, shopping malls, squares, and a great number of tourists every year with impressive architect structure influx visit Moscow, known as the world’s largest library of Russian State Library nor. more than 40 million books, encyclopedia, magazines and manuscripts in addition to the work described in the library where, more than five thousand in the city library. People loved to read, attaches importance to education and a city with a history of…

Known as a capital of culture and art in Moscow, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and attracts many tourists. in the second half of the 1800s set belong to the Cathedral, has a capacity of 10,000 people. in the early 1990s with the work of the State is restored and the old city’s original appearance governed by one of the focus of interest. made in 1898, Pushkin Museum, historical icons and beautiful with its unique world of tables.

Giant names such as Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso works of the Museum, is one of the places frequented by tourists. Flashy and impressive Cathedral where there are considered a masterpiece of architecture in Moscow mosques you can also encounter. If you are planning to travel abroad, Moscow, with its rich history and cultural depth. Take the thickest coats and don’t forget your gloves.


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