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The cruel world Location Danakil Depression

The cruel world Location Danakil Depression



Danakil depression in the Afar region of northern Ethiopia is a place like hell with extremely high temperatures and natural unseen formations.

this just an adventurous heart called the world’s most brutal place is for those with a strong and flexible body and mind. Continue reading to learn more about Danakil Depression.

Did you know?

3.2 million years the famous hominid fossil “Lucy” (Australopithecus afarensis), were found here. This Danakil depression has become a famous place for the archeologists and paleontologists.

Local Afar people, the salt in fact believes that one of the Danakil tons of pure gold. According to legend of local people before they were living like kings in this region, but over time they become lazy greedy to take a turn and they forgot their God. Revenge of the gods turned to salt all the gold of the local population.

Myth If people stop being greedy when their sentence then says will return again under that bit and salt.

The cruel world Location Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression is Where?

The Danakil depression, which is close to the border with Eritrea and Djibouti are part of the Afar triangle in Ethiopia. The Horn of Africa is a part of the geological valley located. Danakil depression in the region was a result of the activities of three tectonic plates.

Gateway to Hell on Earth: Danakil Depression!

The cruel world Location Danakil Depression  This salt flat area located 100 meters below sea level, broke the record of the highest average temperature on the planet by about 35 degrees Celsius. And some really hot days the temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius.

Known as the gateway to hell on earth, Dana that depression is one of the most welcoming places in the world are not in the field. The vast expanse of salt flats, the scorching sand, the smell of sulfur, active volcanoes, since this region deserves its nickname beds coupled with extreme heat.

Danakil People Who?

Despite the terrible weather conditions, a tribe of people known as the Afar agree slots in this region. Afar people is known to be quite proud and hospitable absence against outsiders. Second World War up to the Afar people in the region and to attack the intruder was to castrate them. Although conditions are now much safer region safely visitors who want to explore the place, they must still hire armed military squads.

Afar is removing salt from the deserts and lakes provide the people living in the scorching heat. Salt region off the people they sell their camel caravans to install numerous nearby cities and towns. Salt miners about 150 birr for every working day / 7.5 is gaining currency as the dollar.

Bodies found in the region are interesting:

The cruel world Location Danakil Depression  One of the most interesting formations in the area of ​​acidic our planet has to offer humanity can see hydrothermal pools. Search for orange and red can be, there is a large area consisting of green and yellow hydrothermal pool. These pools are part of the Dallol volcano crater. However, because it is highly acidic water in the pools, under any circumstances enter these pools, acidic water can cause serious burns.

Erta Ale volcano is located in a region called again. Danakil travel is the jewel of this region of volcanoes routes. temperatures in this region are so high that passengers standing close to the craters they feel that slowly melt the soles of shoes.

Animal and plant life in this hellish place is very sparse. Apart from the camel; occasional wild asses, antelopes, small birds, lizards and insects can come across. Many of these creatures are scattered in the desert they live in low thorny bushes and shrubs.

Danakil How Attainable?

Hearted adventure is a must-visit for lovers of the Danakil ‘transport to the nearest town which is provided with Mekele airline. Mekele from travel agents and tools, including security, Danakil ‘organizes trips to the package. They provide accommodation in traditional stick hut Afar agreement with some people travel agents from the public.

Author: Tulay Arsoy

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