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The History Of The Suez Channel

The History Of The Suez Channel



One of the world’s most important sea passages, as shown by the Red Sea, the Suez Canal is a canal that joins the Mediterranean Sea and. in 1869 was a French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps’s request. The Suez Canal, 168 km and extends from the city of Suez Portsaitten. Depth at the bottom of the channel width of 11-12 metres of water at 45-100 meters water is 80-135 meters on the face.

163 km that connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea is an artificial water way. Vessels greater than channel the channel from £ 3.78 pass is illegal. 13.5 km by-pass trade were made and hand-made between Firdan with Kantra. in 1951, is the opening of the trade route. It also connects to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Europe and is the shortest sea route.

According to the notes, Bc 20. in the early part of the century in the time of the first daughter of Sesostris Pharaoh the Nile delta near the Suez Canal, the Red Sea current freshwater channel on connect. BC in the second Pharaoh Necho in time 600 have been restored. Restore, Bc the first 500 BC in the Persian Conqueror completed by Darius. The Suez Canal at the time of the Roman occupation and the Ptoleme channel was abandoned but continuous restore.

The History Of The Suez Channel

Egypt is the Arab Commander Amr Ibn Asradıyallahü anh down A.d. 7. century has opened the channel and the Nile Valley again made to Mecca has become an important place in the grain trade. The Suez Canal 8. century military reasons has been blocked by the Caliph Mansur. After a short period of time is not used. New channel for 1000 years, although Napoleon more than 18. He wanted to link the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, in the 21st century. But French scientists of Napoleon’s requests, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea from the high water of the Red Sea to claim that the project had to be cancelled. After a channel many plans prove possible but proved a Capless survived the process took longer.

The History Of The Suez Channel Suez Canal, Egypt in the year 1854, when he went to Ferdinand de Lesseps, Said Paşadan franchise. October 30, 1854 and 5 January 1856 agreements in all Nations will be allowed to pass “is a channel will be made, also would be established a company to be operated for 99 years channel. The Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime December 15, 1858de de Suez, so Süvyeş Channel Company was established. 25 April 1859 in the Suez Canal under construction started but will, because of the many difficulties, continued with the desert. The excavations lasted 11 years and a service channel was excavated at a depth of 6 meters. Starting from Cairo made two different channels and boil it in the water to help. It’s not just the fresh water in the Canal in Ismailia and provided contact between the Nile water way.

The technical problems in the channel, the French and the British to remain confronted with political power. The problem of funding in both States, France has been the estimated expenditures of $41,860,000. France’s spending has increased to 287 million by increasing French gold. As a result of financial support from 10 years 20 thousand workers. A total of 2.4 million people worked and is 125 thousand people lost their lives.

In 1869, the Suez Canal was opened to traffic on November 17, and flashy arranged a convoy. And then the French and the British have made the private sector. The resulting increase in traffic in the channel channel company, on an ongoing basis to develop the Canal since 1869 and this development has taken a much faster way. in the year 1870 deep 22 meters, 60 meters on the surface, in 1959, 150 meters from the surface of 60 meters deep. This work has been the cost of 322 billion dollars. Across the Canal journey 45 hours to 15 hours.

The History Of The Suez Channel The opening brought about by the economic power of the channel. Between the years 1870-1966 the continents passes 500 ships a year. Evolving channel, this number is increasing year after year 2000 in 1970 led to the ship. Channel hopping through the African continent, thanks to the Cape of good hope and it’s very important that fuel-saving from ships. Egypt’s President Nâsırın, millileştirmiştir Suez Canal July 26, 1956. Became a major center of France, Israel and the United Kingdom Government to Egypt in October. Occupying both sides of the channel in the United Kingdom and France Russia and the United States as a result of the pressures of the troops, ended UN control of the occupation.

Egypt Government by paying a large compensation Egypt million lira 28.3 problem taken care of. The Suez Canal has signed the Treaty of İstanbul in 1888 for years. The subject of the Treaty, “no matter which country owned and mâhiyeti to take advantage of the countries that signed the Treaty, regardless of the provided enable.” İstanbul Treaty; Italy, Russia, France, Austria, Turkey, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany. In the meantime, the Treaty specified countries in reverse, there is no need for a new decision. Arab-Israel War of 1967, Egypt closed the entrance to the channel until 1975.

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