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The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques



Marketing activities are the most important factor in an organization’s ability to survive and make a profit. In this article, we share with you the most important items of digital marketing. A company needs to start its digital marketing activities while it is still in its inception stage. In no time, let’s share step-by-step digital marketing techniques.

  1. Plan Your Digital Marketing Budget

Never forget that you have a long way to go. Especially in digital marketing, it’s a never-ending stream. So plan your budget beforehand. Planning your digital marketing budget over many years will lead you to mistakes. Therefore, it would be healthier to set up your budget planning in short periods such as annual or 6 months. Now in our other articles, we will explain how to use this budget effectively and on time.

  1. Create a Website Now

The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

You may not have officially opened your company. You may not even have clearly identified your service or product items. None of this prevents you from creating your website. Especially in terms of search engine optimization, the earlier you run your website, the faster it will be for you to increase your searches. So create your website now or get a service from an agency. It is important to remember that your website is the main item of digital marketing. Your website works and sells even while you sleep in your bed. So don’t run cheap on this! Create a website without skipping topics such as a quality design, a quick code structure. Some companies focus on social media ads, SEO and Google ads. But the websites are a total chaos! The visitor leaves the website quickly. This causes all digital media spending to go to waste. If we have prepared our website, which is the first step of quality and recognizes the user, we may sue our other items.

  1. Don’t Postpone SEO Studies! Get Support from a Professional

The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

Seo is a must-have marketing activity of our era. What is SEO first? Let’s share this question below.

“The word SEO is the initials of Search Engine Optimization. The Turkish equivalent is expressed as search engine optimization. If we look at the SEO study, as its name implies, we can characterize it as a study that enables internet projects to be adapted to search engines with certain rules and that sites rise to the top of searches.”

Being visible in search engines is as effective as having a store in Taksim Square. We don’t even mention the rent price of owning a store in Teksim Square. But with SEO, the cost of being more visible on Google can be achieved on very, very affordable budgets. So make sure you plan a 3-month or 6-month SEO in your digital marketing budget. And when are you going to use this budget? That’s what’s most curious about. You should start the SEO study in preparation for your site. Before your site is published, the SEO expert needs to perform the necessary analyses and provide your software developer with the necessary reports. This way, as soon as your site goes live, it will be run as a website that is error-free and recognizes Google bots. This will save you time and effort.

What Should I Look For When Choosing an SEO Agency?

Just as SEO works are good for our business when done correctly, it harms our site and our business in negative and deceptive work. When choosing an agency, you can pay attention to the following items:

  • References (Make reference calls if necessary.)
  • Preliminary Analysis Report (Make a prepayment if necessary.)
  • Sample KPI Reports
  • Agency’s Perspective and Vision of Your Sector
  • Analysis Tools Used by the Agency
  1. Create Your Social Media Accounts Now!

The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

What do you expect to create your social media accounts? Create your business pages now without getting your brand or name from different people. You may not have officially set up your company for this. You don’t need that anyway. Don’t fill your social media accounts with links to your site! Share corporate shares, congratulations and important posts. Social media accounts that provide continuous links are filtered over time and your shares are no longer shown to users.

Start Social Media Ads

You’ve created your accounts and projected your corporate structure into your accounts. Now you need visitors! In this you can start social media ads with small budgets. Our advice for ads on social media is the website ad space. This means that instead of advertising your social media account, creating a site click ad will increase your site’s traffic. This will benefit your SEO work both for direct sales and for traffic to your site.

  1. Google Ads (Adwords)

The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

The Google Adwords study, i.e. Google ads, is a must-have among a project’s marketing activities. You may be doing SEO work. You may be editing social media ads. But if you skip Google ads, you’re going to miss a lot. If you’re not particularly appealing to a conscious consumer, you can say that your target audience is in Google ads. With Google ads, the conscious consumer can turn to organic results by not relying on top-ranked sites. Your SEO work in this field will bring you together with your audience. We should also say that a significant proportion of internet users may not be able to differentiate between Google ads or organic results. Therefore, in order to compete with competitors, it is necessary to allocate advertising budget.

When should I start Google Ads?

Don’t rush into this step. Because even a penny you spend on Google Adwords matters. You need to do deep work on topics such as timing, keyword preference, correct audience, correct ad text. You should also make sure that your site is ready to market even if you have done these studies correctly. Otherwise, the ad traffic coming to your site will not go back to buying and will come across as wasted money. Make sure your site is recyclable. Don’t just decide for yourself that you’re well-tuning and marketing your products and services on your site. At this point, you can perform various tests or gather feedback.

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