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The Real Seek Starts Calling Ourselves

The Real Seek Starts Calling Ourselves



Life is about the steps people take to realize themselves. Just like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Every step we take, every decision we make, we move us to another one. The shape of our journey depends entirely on us.

To realize ourselves is undoubtedly the greatest desire of all of us in this world. If we think of our life as a painting, whether this painting is made up of vivid colors, the figures are in relation to each other and their harmony is completely dependent on us. But how do we make ourselves?

First of all, we should start by getting to know ourselves. It is easy to define our strengths and weaknesses, our desires, our desires and our goals. The correct definition helps to determine what steps we will take in this path. Getting aware of our potential and uploading missions that can not be done to ourselves brings with it unhappiness. As an objective assessment, our judges, who we will deal with about ourselves, are free and help us to establish true and realistic relationships with other people. After creating an awareness of our potential, we need to constantly explore, develop new things and encourage ourselves to be creative, and we must define ourselves in all these processes, which is important to everything. Let’s not forget that everything needs a maturation process.

On your way to finding yourself …

Being aware of our own values ​​also leads us to a higher step in the way we do ourselves. If we feel ourselves useless, worthless, we think we perceive ourselves like that and we start questioning life. This brings us to the doors of an unhappy life. Because the more often we repeat our thoughts about ourselves, our consciousness shows an intense effort in this regard. Whatever we believe, what we encounter in our lives comes to our face to support these beliefs. We must give ourselves the chance we have given to others, and we must remind ourselves of every opportunity that we are valuable. Even the breath we take is perfect for us. Why do we prefer Axi when we are trying to orient our ideas to a positive frame?

If we always make the same generalizations in the face of events, if we individualize the subject, if we activate the selectivity in the perception, we would like to put forth something new, only the mistakes can not go beyond the point of repetition. As Albert Einstein has said, “It is crazy to do the same things over and over again and hope to get different results.” Imagine that billions of people in the world live lives that are similar to our lives every day. But since each case is treated differently from a different point of view, different results emerge. So our attitude towards events determines our attitudes and attitudes about that event. So we can start by learning to look at ourselves and our life from a different perspective. Besides, accepting the truth as it is helps us to realize ourselves.

Defining the problem correctly is one of the most important steps to achieve. Once the problem is identified, it is possible to activate the instruments to help solve this problem.

We will make ourselves the first peace once we realize ourselves. The first thing we will reach is to be ourselves again. How can we understand the truth of our other knowings if we do not know ourselves and do not know? The real search starts looking for ourselves.

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