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The Roman Emperor 1.Jüstiny

The Roman Emperor 1.Jüstiny



1.Jüstiny the Roman Emperor (Justinian); Nike uprising, Hagia Sophia Church, referred to by Roman law and the Justinian plague. 527 – working in 565 years and 85 years, who died Justinian, defined as the last true Roman emperor by some historians. He is also by the last emperor, and some who speak the Latin word “big” in the title of one emperor referred to by this title, as I wrote before, but are dedicated, that Istanbul is the capital of Constantine the Great.

Justinian in Constantinople
Emperor Flavius ​​Petrus Sabbatius previous name without the Justinian Justinian, the nephew of Roman Emperor Justin. not from Sabbatius, born of Helena Justinian I in 482 years Tores in Skopje, Macedonia (Tauresi I) was born in the village. Family farmers who Justinian, Constantinople comes under the auspices of his uncle. “The Birth of an Empire,” I see an obvious way that I read the book, nephew Justinian (as character) has been affected by his uncle. Empire has always tried to think of the challenges faced during its like.

A good education in Constantinople Flavius ​​young Peter becomes army officer. Already this way, the uncle on the road to empire, has supported using its military power (which Justinian private guards at the beginning of the procession Vitaly uprising, the biggest rival of his uncle is believed to kill the Count Vitalyan). Aging in the coming years because of the difficulty of his uncle Justin begins to help in state affairs. Soon after the Emperor Justin: “As a result of the decision of my people and my adopted nephew Justinian I declared co-emperor saying,” opens the way to her throne. Because in other words, he has been appointed as the successor of Justinian.

Daughter of the Pagan Mother: Theodora
Meanwhile Justinian, who met with the daughter of a pagan priestess Theodora. It said the father was a naval officer, has information I’m not sure. Theatre dancer and fairs in which Theodora is actually known to be a prostitute. In the period that turned into a love relationship between Theodore, probably he could have predicted that the fate imparatoriçelik.

Justinian, emperor after changing the law, the law has made it possible marriage with a woman from the lower classes.

New Lord of The Grand Palace: Justinian
Justinian in 527 with the death of his uncle, 45-year-old Aya Sofia and crowned in the reign

Column of Justinian
Honor of the Victory Column erected by Justinian

It declares. situation in which the Empire who 1.Jüstiny good analysis, it start to join personally reticent Meeting. This is equivalent to an element of management to today’s ministerial committee meeting. Alone, we can say that is a little larger due to the extensive participation of soldiers if necessary.

In the early years, at that time the largest city in eastern and southeastern Anatolia lived in Antioch that the center has experienced major earthquakes. Antioch was an effort to lift his feet again. He organized the tax system and revise the structure of the army.

Roman law
Today is the basis for civil law Justinian Roman law regulating structure: Moribus antiquis state es Romana! Centurions is given different orders repeatedly for a long time and worked on many issues, recognizing that complicates the work of judges and inflating the law books that he Novella we can not eliminate the aforementioned statute books. Meanwhile it took some decisions which may be interesting for that period:

Every child is born free.
Slaves can be released with a single sentence.
Illegitimate children will own inheritance.
Hard Times: Nike Revolt
Nike says in writing Uprising let’s resistance to this summary as I dealt with all the details.

As a result of 532 years of the ancient Hippodrome of Constantinople in Istanbul rebellion burned for 5 days and in the meantime Samson Hospital, the Hagia Sophia was the ash. Although today’s Hagia Sophia was constructed this way, but the cost has been heavy. 30,000 people to suppress the rebellion was put to the sword at the track. Some Roman historians, Justinian this massacre is never asked and that is very sad, therefore, that the great temple built by the authors. Already after one of these events will punish with death any more.

Holy Temple Church of Hagia Sophia

Haghia Sophia, the subject of a disparate made by Justinian I said. 3.Ayasofy also called the church, it was the largest place of worship of the earth at the time. Holy shrine has kept this title for centuries.

532 years of church construction began immediately after the uprising, was opened only completed in a period of 5 years and 55 years old when Justinian worship. Though not long before he collapsed, but … Read magnificent dome of Hagia Sophia Church is writing to exhaustive information.

Military Operations in
Emperor Justinian
The Roman Emperor 1.Jüstiny

Emperor Justinian, Rome’s especially so hard to get back its lost territories in the Mediterranean and Africa. General Belisarius, Mundus General and Commander Pale Face has also been successful to a certain extent with John.

Belisarius conqueror of Africa, Carthage tribes and immigrants from the former capital has been difficult, but back in Rome. While there have been difficulties in the east against the Persians lost before Antioch was taken back later. Adriatic and Mediterranean has been converted into safe waters, they called barbarian tribes were removed from Italy. Although Spain and the United Kingdom stand a better basamas they were taken to the east and west boundaries confidence.

Justinian Plague
In May of the 542 year celebration of the founding of Constantinople, reaching the city of the plague, known as the Justinian plague. As a result of the epidemic, the biggest disaster that befell the city of Constantinople centuries 750,000 population had dropped to 450,000. Full 300 thousand people have lost their lives due to this disease spreading from the pier where the ship docked in Alexandria and from Palestine.

because of the plague who had taken over the city streets once depleted, trade and agriculture had come to a standstill. Still, one had to escape out of the walls. Even some of the volunteers were gathered to bury the bodies. Despite the spread of the disease in the summer heat thoroughly continent guards patrol walks and go to church with Emperor Justinian’s ceremonial processions, public gave morale. Despite everything, he showed famine and hunger and had fallen value of money. Moreover, the epidemic has spread to the Balkans. The most interesting part is that the outbreak towards Christmas, the city as it was to leave quickly.

Then Justinian
Justinian strengthened again during the Roman Empire in Constantinople had entered a recovery process.

The political transformation took place; art and architecture, had peaked with the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Immigrant

1.Jüstiny the period of the Roman Empire
Emperor 1.Jüstiny the period of the Roman Empire

has been struggling with the best way tribes were made legal reforms. While rebuilding Antakya, fully 30,000 people were killed in a single riot. In summary judgment on certain issues in the government’s stability it lasted 38 years without interruption.

However, people increasingly impoverished. heavy taxes levied on almost all areas, strengthen the people of the state had been pushed into hunger.

After all, no matter what the year 1500 still after Emperor Justinian, his wife Empress Theodora and Nike are in revolt mind. And of course 3.Ayasofy to remain upright when the challenge …

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